Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hanging with my boys

I spent most of this past weekend babysitting my nephews.  It was a very nice time.  We successfully navigated 2 bedtimes without any problems- go me! LOL!  Actually, all in all, there were very few mishaps which was nice.  The only real problem was Luke trying to "tickle" Tyler's cheek and giving him a nice scratch instead.  Of course this was the day before his piano recital and I was sure my sister was going to $hi& bricks sideways.  She didn't!  WooHoo!!!!  The boys declared Aunt Sarah does the best Scooby Doo voice since each nights bedtime story was a Scooby Doo story.  It was a fun time with the boys.  Something I don't get much of anymore and I appreciate all the more because of that. 

Now the bad part is that I was beyond tired.  My sisters house kind of creeps me out since there are some windows without shades or blinds.  I hate that!  Also it was uber windy and the wind whipping around the house was unsettling.  Makes me feel very on edge.  I was also supposed to spend the night Saturday night because my sister didn't think they'd be home until 1am at the earliest.  My mom assured me that she was fine watching Princess Bear for the night and that I should just come home in the morning.  Yeah, in retrospect I should have probably stuck with that plan!  My sister got home about 12:45am and we chatted for awhile.  I then decided that I wanted to go home and sleep.  So there I am at 1:20am wearing my flannel pj bottoms & sweatshirt heading home.  There is a ton of construction on 74 between Morton and Peoria.  Crazy Train by Ozzy came on the radio.  I have a MAJOR problem driving anything near the speed limit whenever I hear that song.  Let alone a lone stretch of highway in the middle of the night.  I realized that I was doing WELL over the 45 mph allowed in construction zones.  I reigned it in and considered myself lucky.  I continued on my way just looking forward to getting home.  I switched lanes to get ready for the exit I needed.  Next thing I know I see cherries and berries flashing behind me.  I pull over and a State trooper asks if I know why he stopped me.  Hmmm- nope!  Not really.  Just exhausted and trying to get home.  He tells me that I didn't use my turn signal when switching lanes.  Seriously!  I apologized and mentioned that I was pretty tired and just trying to get home.  He gave me a written warning and let me go on my way.  I'm so thankful for a couple of things.  First of all that the cop wasn't around when I was channeling my inner Mario Andretti while Crazy Train was on.  Second that he let me off with a written warning.  My moms reaction was to ask if he was bored and my brother in law thought that he was looking for a DUI stop since I wasn't far from downtown.  Whatever the case is I'm just glad that he was cool about it.  So that's the story of my weekend!


BonnieN said...

Happy your weekend adventure and cop warning were ok!

Take a look at the Freedon Farms FB page,Tim has a beard like you have never seen! Somehow a new bride and that beard don't match up to me!! When is the baby due again with them? Take care. Bonnie

Sarah said...

I did see the beard. Not a fan. I think Tim & Pete both look better clean shaven. Baby is due August 19 or there abouts.