Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Catch ups and blah

Today was back to the Dr. for Princess Bear (PB).  Poor kid has been on a liquid only diet since last Friday.  This is a child that loves to eat and does it often and with great gusto.  She of course lost more weight.  The kid really is a stick now.  The good news is that they heard "gut sounds" today!  Cue the real food!  We started slowly with graham crackers and some bread.  It seemed to go well.  Until it didn't.  All of a sudden her stomach started hurting and cramping quite a bit.  Thankfully a warm bath and tea helped a lot.  She did eat a small bowl of chicken soup and a matzo ball for dinner.  I've never seen anyone so bloody excited to eat a matzo ball!  Then she made the mistake to top all mistakes.  She told my mom that she likes my matzo balls better than hers.  My mom does not to well when she's told that someone else makes something better than she does.  One of my dad's favorite desserts is cherry cobbler.  One time many moons ago my mom wasn't feeling well so she asked me to make it.  I pulled out the recipe and made it.  My dad loved it and said it was as good as my moms.  No surprise since it was her recipe and I'd been watching her make it for years.  My mom didn't make another cherry cobbler for my dad for about 15 years.  My dad learned his lesson quickly.  Whatever I make is almost as good as my mom's but not quite!  I just sit back and laugh about it!

Winter seems to be hitting Central Illinois with force today.  We've had basically no snow this year.  Apparently Mother Nature decided we'd become too soft and has blessed us with 5" of snow and its still going.  Thankfully even though tomorrow is supposed to be the kids first day back at school from Christmas break her Dr. wants her to stay home a few more days.  That means I can just stay put.  I'm pretty basically ok with that.  I'm ok in that I have no desire to drive in the snow with all the idiots who have forgotten there snow driving skills since our last snow how ever many months ago.  That said I'm developing some cabin fever.  We've all been sick and more or less housebound for going on 3 weeks.  I'm not counting trips to the Dr./ hospital or the grocery store as excursions. 

This time of year is always tough.  Its such a downer to take down all the Christmas decorations and then you're back to the doldrums of regular life.  I'm feeling a bit antsy so I think it's time to start a few projects.  I've got over 300 pics from our Disney vacation to do something with.  I haven't scrap booked in forever but this seems to call for a scrapbook all its own.  Other than that I have no idea what to do to lift the blues.  I'm thinking there is going to be some Pinterest perusing in my future! 

While I do love having PB home with me and I think I probably teach her more than her current teacher is there are a few downsides to having absolutely no time to myself.  The series finale of Sons of Anarchy is still waiting to be watched.  It played when we were in FL and I've had no alone time since to watch it.  I just don't feel it's an appropriate show for my 11 year old.  She assures me that her friend watches it.  Yeah, no.  That argument doesn't work now and won't ever.....wonder how long it will take her to figure that out.  Yes I know that Jax dies but damn....I watched the series from the beginning of season 2.  I've got some time invested here!  Also while she tries my daughter doesn't like it when she's not the focus of my attention.  The downside of being an only child.  Mason and I can't have a decent conversation when PB is home for extended periods of time.  It is kind of funny listening to them both compete for my attention though.  It reminds me of preschoolers. 

In same ways I really hate that PB is an only child.  I certainly never pictured myself with only 1 child.  That said I don't know how it would have panned out having another.  Certainly not at this point.  I think it gets to a point, sometime after the child has started grade school, and it just becomes a rude awakening to them if Mom has another kid.  They've been the center of the universe for how ever many years and bam!  You're sharing Mom (and Dad)!  Kinda sucks to be them.  I guess I'm thinking about this because I jokingly told Mason that I wanted to get pregnant.  As much as I'd love another child it almost seems cruel. 

Well, I'm going to watch a bit of TV, enjoy a cup of tea and watch the snow for a bit before I turn in.  Have a good one!


Leigh said...

So glad to hear Princess Bear is on the mend. It's no fun being sick. I suspect you do teach her more than she learns at school. No one loves her more than you nor knows what she really needs more than you. Even the best schools and teachers can't compare. That said, I know what you mean about time for yourself! We homeschooled but I just kept reminding myself that it wouldn't be that way forever. Time passes all too quickly and now I miss those days.

Michaele said...

Sounds like things are on the upswing. This is a depressing time of year for many. I heard that on NPR. As for me. I fight it and usually win - unless I am tired.

Sarah said...

Leigh- you're absolutely right. She gets so frustrated until I find a way to make the learning about something she is interested in. We do a lot of work on animals and holidays. It's amazing what you can "hide" and they still learn a lot! I also know that time is ever fleeting. I think if I had a few nights of good sleep I'd be able to focus a bit better!

Sarah said...

Michaele- Things are definitely on the upswing! Thank goodness! You're right about the lack of sleep playing a factor in mood!