Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Is it naptime yet?!!!!?

Yes, I am still alive! Just very rushed right now! Wrapping up the summer and then starting the new school year. I started classes on Tuesday. Chemistry...not my favorite thing and I have a tough prof w/ no discernible personality. Should make for a fun semester!!!!

Princess Bear add her kindergarten roundup the other night. For a child that loves school it didn't go well at first. She wouldn't even walk into the building. After some coaxing and then threatening to leave her outside by herself she finally followed me & my mom in. I had all the fun paperwork all ready to go and already knew who her teachers are because of her IEP meeting. (For those of you who don't know what an IEP meeting is its an Individual Education Plan meeting...all therapists, teachers, specialists and family are called in...hopefully only once a year! to plan for the next year). One of the things that has been stressed since the start of school last year is that air conditioning needed to be put in PB's new room. The first 2 years PB was in an all air conditioned part of the building that was called "the Round". Strictly special ed and therapies. Since PB is going to be in an integrated room this year there is no A/C in the room. Not usually a necessity but in PB's case HUGE necessity. (PB cannot regulate her body temperate and overheats very easily. If her temp isn't monitored she can have seizures or go into heat doesn't take much either). It was written into her IEP last May but the Principal alerted everyone much earlier. As of today no A/C. They aren't sure when it will be ready (its a window unit for Petes sake! Get the unit there and my dad & I will put it in!!!) I'm trying to remain calm but I don't know how long that will last!

PB is wrapping up the summer in grand style...she's been swimming daily this week and her birthday is (finally!!!) going to be this Saturday. I'll post pics! On a sad note our neighbor Ryan is not staying in school but moving back home. PB is so attached to him so I'm a bit worried about him not being around.

Now for the comic relief of today. I got a call from my sister earlier this evening & she wanted to speak to my go she was stuck talking to me. Tyler had his 2nd swim lesson tonight and is a water kiddo just like PB. A little girl leaned over in class and poked Tyler in the eye. Tyler reached over and popped her little check...then they started holding hands (I don't remember but isn't this a bit early for 9 months?!!?). I've been having a grand time telling my sister that her son bitch slapped a little girl!!!

HM Sarah Siggy

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