Wednesday, August 27, 2008

OK....please tell me that I'm not the only one!

Ok, today didn't go quite as well for Princess Bear (PB) at school today. It was the first full day and she is still under the weather. As we're running around getting ready this morning PB announced that she doesn't want to be in kindergarten anymore. She wants to go back to Beans room...with Bella (her BFF). UGH!!! I remind her that Shea & Aidan are in her room and that she's going to have a lot of fun and learn many many new things! I also explain that she's a big girl and that a new room is a good thing. Today was also the first day of patching (her right eye has to be patched to help correct the vision in her left eye) in a long time. The Dr. gave her the summer off. Now I'm not loving the decision (though I sure was then!!!) So I finally have PB dressed and ready complete with eye patch. She is still not wanting to go. We compromise and I let her take her Strawberry Shortcake baby again (hey- it can go in the cubby right?!!?). I pick PB up from school and find out that she did pretty well. Some getting used to the new routine adjustments but nothing big. The teacher warned me that lunchtime was very chaotic and that PB is probably very hungry. She also said that PE went well for PB today...yeah!!! I hustle PB to the car and we head home. Princess Bear ate like she hadn't seen food in years. She started out with mac & cheese...ok no biggie. I was making trail bars so she added granola and raisins to her mac & cheese....can I say.....YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please tell me that my kid isn't the only one eating culinary delights like this! After snack and cuddle time my parents get home & its their nap time. PB wanted to play on the computer (can anyone tell me when my child became so proficient using a mouse?!!?). She doesn't want dinner (can't figure out why!!!) so its off to bath time. She wants Strawberry Baby to be in the bathroom....ok. Well nope not really! Strawberry wasn't sent home from school. I feel a meltdown coming. I grab her other SSC doll. This one is a "regular" SSC with hair down to its butt. Said hair is a MESS. Not kind of, not sort of but one huge honking mess. Thing one massive knot & we're on the same wavelength!!! So PB is in the bath and I start working on SSC's hair. I first drench it with detangler ( against the green me but Suave apple detangler is so yummy smelling!) and set to work with a comb. I might as well been doing nothing. So SSC gets a hair dunking in the tub and a big time biolage detangler treatment. Ok....we might be getting somewhere. Now its time to bust out the big guns...heavy cream conditioner! No progress there...none, nada, nil. HUH?!!!? Back to the detangler treatment x2. In the midst of all of this PB also submerged SSC a few times. I get PB & SSC out of the bath and set to work with my Denman brush (we all all very thick hair in this family). After about 45 minutes of brushing SSC's hair is almost knot free. WOOHOO! THROW A PARTY!!!! I keep at it and we're good to go. Can I say that even knot free this doll doesn't have particularly pretty hair?!!!? Now, am I the only mom crazy enough to do this?!!!?

As for me...I'm a bit behind in chemistry. Actually going to sign off here & get cracking on that. I also hurt my other ankle but hey...that can be its very own blog!!!

HM Sarah Siggy

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