Thursday, August 7, 2008

One more way to become sleep deprived!

Well, without trying I have found one more way to not sleep! Last night around 10:30I was sitting in the recliner in my bedroom watching some TV and trying to fall asleep. Now a bit of background; my bedroom is a corner room with one side being the side of the house with one window and the other exterior wall is a backyard wall with two windows. Well, I'm sitting there doing my best impression of someone trying to go to sleep at a normal time and suddenly there is a light outside my window. Like a flashlight kind of light. It moves around by my window and then turns off. HELLO! Totally freaking out at this point! I rush into my parents room looking for my dad. My mom is there so I ask where my dad is because he needs to go outside with the baseball bat. My mom is like no go tell your dad to call 911. My dad calls 911 and stays on the phone with them until they get here. The 2 officers thoroughly searched our backyard and our neighbors. They were very nice about it. They found no one in the yard but were sending extra patrols around the house and neighborhood. Needless to say I'm a bit freaked out! Just another fun filled day in my life right?!!?

HM Sarah Siggy


Heather said...

This happened to me when I was in college! Some guy was looking in my window, and the police chased him on foot, but couldn't catch him. It scared the bejeebies out of me!

Hope you get some rest tonight :)

Susan said...

Not cool, Sarah. I'm glad that they went away, and stayed away. Now I'm worried about you, hon!

Heather said...

I tagged you for a meme!