Thursday, August 28, 2008

On the soapbox!

Ok...for those of you that have read me for a bit (because I really haven't been doing this that long!) know that I have a tendency to get on a soapbox every once in awhile. This is one of those times guys! Sit down, strap in & enjoy the ride!!!!!!

I'm pretty sure that you all know by know that becoming more green is very important to me. I think its important for me but 100x more important that I do it for Princess Bear (PB). I'm a believer that what you put in your body and around your body affects every aspect of your life. My parents are to this day adamant that were I was working when I first got pregnant complicated my pregnancy and may have caused some of PB's health issues. Whether that is the case of not I don't know and I can't unring that bell. What I can do is make things as safe as possible for PB.

Last week I was on the computer and had the TV on. I wasn't really watching it but it was a Montel rerun from his living well series. It had the author of Healthy Child Healthy World on. He was very interesting. My mom & I were at Barnes & Noble on Friday night getting books to give as favors for PB's birthday party. I asked about that book and a few others. This was the only one they had in stock. It was my lucky day. This book is AMAZING!!!!!!! I really can't stress it enough....completely amazing! Packed full of really great, useful and better yet doable information. I think when people think about going green they get very intimidated. Theres a lot of information, it can seem a bit costly and at times a bit extreme. (My mom keeps on asking if she should plant a tree for my sister & I to hug). This book breaks it down in ways that you don't want to run screaming for the hills. It stresses doing small things at a time and then adding more when your ready. I can't tell even begin to explain how impressed I am with this book! It also has a great set of resource pages listed. If you can only read one book this year make it this one. Honestly! It will change your life and the lives of your kids! I won't lie and say the book is cheap (go the the library!) but its well worth its cost. There is also a website: Healthy Child

If you'd like to know some other resources I think are great feel free to drop me a line! (or stay tuned & I'll post!)

HM Sarah Siggy

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