Friday, September 12, 2008

Prayers please if you don't mind

Hi. Just a quick post today. My uncle Bob, my dads youngest brother, is fighting for his life right now. He was diagnosed with MDS a few years ago. My middle uncle was a match for a bone marrow transplant so he fortunately was able to go that route and after a long battle went into remission. His health hasn't been the same ever since though and he's had many complications along this way.

He was admitted into the hospital for a wound that wouldn't heal a few days ago but was holding his own. He's taken a couple of really bad turns though. Yesterday his blood pressure 83/42 and medication is barely stabilizing him. He also is septic and still on a broad spectrum antibiotic until they can find the source of infection. Today he was intubated and his kidneys have started to go into failure. My mom & dad are on there way up there right now. They left work & didn't even stop at home because it looked so bad (its a 3.5 hour trip)

My uncle is only 12 years older than I am, 47, and the father of 3 boys. My uncle and I haven't always gotten along (My nickname for him is Uncle Asshole) but he's still family & I love him. He's fought really long and hard and I'm hoping he'll do it again but know that any and all prayers are very appreciated.


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