Tuesday, September 9, 2008

UGH! Why can't people mind their own business?!!?

Ok...I'll do a few things before I start my rant. First of all: Heather & Jenontheedge...thank you! I appreciate the kind words & advice. I'm looking into calling a new IEP meeting. They did move PB's seat so she's by the AC now. Its getting cooler by the day here so hopefully it won't be an issue much longer.

Quick updates. We had a busy busy busy weekend here. My girlfriend & I literally ran the kids from pillar to post on Saturday. I called Maria after Princess Bears (PB) swimming lesson on Saturday morning & asked if she wanted to hit the Farmers Market with us. PB was begging for green beans and blueberries (not together thank goodness!). I thought we could go to the Farmers Market downtown but they close at noon...ooops! So we hit the midtown Market. The kids had a ball and Maria bought some gorgeous purple mums. Then we did a bit of shopping and took the kids to lunch. After that it was the grocery store. I have decided that the grocery store should only happen when you have a ratio of 2 adults per child. Maria & I were at Kroger with PB, Caleb & Emily. We were outnumbered man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PB was in rare form (not such a rarity these days!). We got home around 4pm (we'd left around 10:30) and I was so ready for some down time! Nope! My mom decided we needed to go shopping with her. I did get a new shirt for my bday from my parents. We also took PB to Borders. My kid loves books. She has an obscene amount of books but at the open house the other night they were giving a new book to each child. We were going to pick one for PB but since she was going to be in school the next day they said she could come pick it out. Well, the teachers wouldn't let her go pick out a book (insert growling mama bear here). Then again PB didn't have a very good day on Friday (only received 1 of 3 possible stars) so it was hard to justify getting a treat! Anyhoo~ on Friday my mom promised to take PB to the store so she could pick out a book and Saturday was the time to do it. My mom forgets that PB can only handle so much stimulation at one time and that the limits had already been pushed. It wasn't the smoothest trip to the store ever but PB added 2 new books to her collection and was a happy camper in the end. On Sunday it was my mom's work picnic. My mom works for the 2nd or 3rd biggest employer in town so this isn't a small picnic. This year was a lot of fun for PB. She fell in love with the carousel! She also talked all weekend about riding a real pony. I've wanted to get PB in horseback rididng therapy for a few years. Unfortunately every time we tried to get her on a horse she freaked out. She talked of nothing else for a few days so I thought we might be on the right track this year! Then as we were walking up she started freaking out. Thankfully once we got up to the ponies she was gung ho again. I have some pics that I'll try to post later. PB had an absolutely wonderful time & there were tons of activities for kids so it was a pleasant afternoon. I wrapped up the weekend by watching my beloved Chicago Bears stomp on the Colts. I know I've mentioned this before but I'm a die hard Bears fan. I haven't been looking forward to this season because I wasn't holding out much hope for the team. I mean our first round draft pick couldn't even make it through the first day of training camp! Urlacher had surgery off season so we didn't really know how he would hold up. On the flip side of all of this we were playing the Colts. If I had to pick a team as a second favorite its them! First of all Tony Dungy is one heck of a coach. The man deserves so much respect in my mind. He never yells...ever! Not even in the locker room. How awesome is that! I wish I could keep my cool like that yet still convey the messages I wanted to get across! Then we'll move on to Peyton Manning. I love that man! Not only is he quite possibly the cutest thing walking but he's a great QB which as a Bears fan I never get to see!

So that is the story of our weekend...except for the fact that I also got sick. Not a little sick but running a temp, can't hear want to crawl into bed and die sick. I went to the Dr yesterday. I have a sinus infection (no surprise there) but I also have a bad ear infection in my left ear and possibly strep throat. Please take me out and shoot me! Several years ago when I was working at Great Lakes I got a very bad case of ricky crude (a mega case of the flu that goes around boot camp every fall). It was my first year there and I had just opened my new building. My boss wouldn't give me any time off even though my temp was over 104*. After several days of a high temp my ear drum ruptured. It healed relatively well and I've had a pretty easy time of it since then since that could have opened up a lot of issues. Not so lucky this time. Saturday night I heard a pop in my hear and knew I was in trouble. I'm on big doses of antibiotics and trying to sleep a lot. My parents actually watched PB for an hour last night so I could take a nap! It was awesome!!!


At 7:30 this morning the phone started ringing. PB & I were just in the process of waking up & I wasn't in much of a talking mood so I let the machine pick it up. A few minutes later I come into the other side of the house & check the machine. Its the city saying we've been cited for our swimming pool. Now folks this isn't a big pool. Its 12' x 30" deep. PB loves her pool and its frankly the only outdoor activity she can do in the summer. The pool is in our backyard which has a 4' fence all the way around it. The fence is padlocked because we're always worried about the deaf Dalmatian a)getting out or b) someone trying to pet it. The only way into our yard is for someone to climb the fence. According the the city this isn't enough and we also don't have the right permit. I'm draining the pool today. I was trying to make it to the end of September but it isn't showing any signs of warming up. What absolutely infuriates me is that someone called the city about this. WHY?!!!!? The pool isn't hurting anyone and is inaccessible unless you're blatantly trespassing. If someone was worried about the pool (& only a few neighbors can see it) why didn't they talk to us? It pisses me off because unless we can replace the gates next year so they self latch we can't have it up again. So my child gets the short end of a stick that frankly she's already been beaten with. So there is my big vent for the day. The guy from the city is being really nice but they won't tell me who called in the complaint. I'm ready to throttle someone.

I'll try to keep you posted and post some pics later. I'm off to start draining the pool and then head to class.

HM Sarah Siggy

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad PB's seat was moved to where it needs to be!

As for horse therapy, is there a stable near you that has ponies? Grace started on those and she was never afraid because they were a more manageable size.

The pool thing sucks. Can you talk to you neighbors to find out who ratted you out and to explain why it's so important for PB?