Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ready to move

Ok, today was Princess Bears (PB) first early dismal due to school budget cuts. We were in our living room waiting for my sister & nephew to come over. Now I'd emptied the pool & dealt with the city guy at 9:30 this morning. Well another city car is cruising down the street. Many of our neighbors as well as we have been ticketed for not having "proper" garbage cans. Evidently there is a city wide problem with rats. Our cans had some holes the the raccoons ate in the lids. My dad repaired them so everything is fine. Today is garbage day so this city code enforcement care is driving down the street. I'm not worried because I've dealt with the pool & the garbage cans are good to go. This car then parks in our driveway. Now I'm usually pretty laid back but I'm still livid about the pool thing. I go out to talk to this guy (a new one) and he says that they have received a complaint that our wood pile is blocking a storm drain. Ummmm...nope don't think so! I tell the man if he gives me a few minutes to lock up the dogs that I can take him back there or he can come back when my dad is home. The guy then says well if this was a valid complaint you wouldn't offer to take me back there immediately so I'm writing it off as an unfounded claim. One point in our favor against a seemingly disgruntled neighbor. I call my dad & I'm ready to blow. My dad is like don't worry its fine. Like bloody hell it is! Then I call my mom to fill her in as well. She's not happy but not as angry with me since someone is obviously bored or pissy and its no longer just a problem with the pool. Then my sister gets here & I tell her everything.

My sister & I are very alike except for the fact that I'm more "evil" of the 2 of us. It takes a lot to upset us but once you've done it watch out. I'm also the one who all my friends called when they needed ideas on how to get even. I never actually committed the act...just provided the ideas. You know....forking someone's yard. Writing a message in weedkiller. Nothing awful. Not mature either though & for the most part I don't condone such things. That said, heaven help me if I figure out which neighbor is responsible for these calls! Unless we replace our entire fence I can't put up PB's pool next year. I can get a taller pool though & that's ok...yep...makes no sense!

So at this point I'm livid and ready to go on a manhunt. Any ideas on how I can calm down?


jenontheedge said...

Yeah, you need to find out who the narc is and then I think the retribution will be easy from there.

Neighbor who weeds meticulously? Dump wildflower seeds in their flower beds.

Neighbor who's a greenie? Put them on a LOT of mailing lists to receive oodles of junk mail.

Neighbor who works at night and sleeps during the day? Lots o' noise in front of their house.

Wow, clearly I need to get a life and possibly go into therapy.

Sarah said...

I love those ideas! No therapy needed! Those are all relatively harmless! Nothing like working through your anger!