Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sharing some of my favorite blogs


So I thought I'd take a few minutes and share a few of my favorite blogs with you & why I like them. I'd love it it you do the same. Maybe I'll find some great new blogs to read!

So without further ado here we go (not listed in any order of greatness!)

An Army Wives Life by my friend Suzy. I like this blog because I've known Suzy FOREVER! Ok maybe not that long but since I was around 13. We worked together for awhile when I was pregnant with Princess Bear but then I didn't work there anymore & didn't keep up with Suzy. She found me on myspace & we started chatting again. She actually was my motivation for blogging! Suzy is super supportive as we come from somewhat similar backgrounds which is so nice!

Want What You Have I honestly don't know how I happened upon Heather's blog but I'm so grateful I did! I know consider Heather to be one of my "online" friends and have gained so much knowledge from her! Heather is an awesome person who really has figured out what she wants in life and how to achieve it. She is also very willing to share her knowledge with you. Every time I email Heather off blog she responds quickly and is so kind! Heather is a pro at being frugal; but not cheap! She has some amazing tips! I also think that her Cakesie and Princess Bear are sisters at heart! Its nice reading about someone else who has a high spirited child as well!

The Simple Cajun Life Another one of those blogs that I don't remember how I happened upon it but I'm sure glad I did! It was the first time I'd really read about someone eliminating HFCS from their childs diet. Princess Bear has some behavior issues that I think can be at least helped with diet so I'm trying to slowing eliminate dyes and preservatives from her diet. As soon as I do that I'll start getting rid of HFCS. PB also has some sensory issues. We've made a lot of progress and there are times that I can even have enough good days in a row that I can almost forget...then we take a trip to Sam's or Walmart. Its nice to read about another family with similar issues and how they deal with the issue at hand.

Happy to be called Mommy by Bethany. Again...don't know how I found this blog! If you truly want some inspiration check out Bethany's blog! She's amazing! She just opened a shop on etsy (check it out here )She does some really really neat container painting. (Bethany I need to ask you about some autumn, Christmas & winter jars!). Bethany & her husband have this "I can do it" attitude that I just love! Bethany built a club house for her kids. Her husband is currently constructing a HUGE aquarium. Bethany has also blogged about making homemade cheese, various canning projects and OAMC. I wish I was just a bit as talented and motivated as Bethany!

Jen On The Edge by (obviously!) Jen. Again somehow found it...don't remember how! But I can say that Jen is always a good one to count on when a chuckle or big old belly laugh is needed! She is one of those women that is clearly very intellegent, loves being a mom & wife and has kept her sense of humor about her! She's also building a green house....how cool is that?!!!? Jen also contributes to Mamarazzi another place for a great dose of humor. I loved yesterdays post about pregnancy clothing on a certain actress. Feel free to go check it out!

Slurping Life by Melody. I don't know if I found this blog when I was searching under special needs or giveaways. Melody is a mom to a couple of special needs kiddos and has such an incredible outlook on special needs parenting. She also has great giveaways but has moved that to another blog. Melody is also an absolutely incredible photographer. She makes me want to go back to high school and start developing my own pics again (ahhh...the pre digital days!). Melody also contributes to 5 Minutes for Special Needs. One of Melody's sons is having surgery today, I'm sure she's appreciate any and all prayers for a safe surgery and quick recovery for Wil.

So there it is for today. Not all of my favorites...I'll save more for another day but this is a good start! Have fun checking them out!

HM Sarah Siggy


Heather said...

Awww...Sarah! Thank you so much! I love your blog too! This is a really nice idea for a post. I'll add it to my list!

(Also, I hope that your uncle is doing better.)

jenontheedge said...

Thanks for the mention Sarah. I feel all puffed up with happiness now. :-)

And, I was just over at the construction site today watching my walls go up!!! Will post photos this afternoon after I go back for more watching.

Niki said...

Sarah, thanks for the links. I love to find great blogs that others have personally approved of. I will definately check them out.