Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A monkey wrench in things

Things have been a bit crazy here  but I really  hope they are on there way to calming down.  A few months ago I had an appointment with the physicians assistant who is just awesome.  She really listens.  I know the regular Dr. tries but with so many rules they have to follow and working in such limited time it is really tough.  So I looked at LeeAnn (the PA) and said that I was so tired of feeling sick and tired.  She said she was going to run some blood tests to check thyroid levels.  I told her that those have been run before and they always came back normal.  She said she was ordering some additional tests and dig a bit deeper.  Hence the reason that I think she's awesome.  So down to the lab I went with Princess Bear (PB) tagging along.  She saw them line up many vials for the blood draw and was glad that it was my turn to be stuck.  In addition to regular thyroid they also checked thyroid antibodies, lupus and a few other random tests.  As always the regular thyroid tests came back normal.  The low end of normal but normal.  The lupus was negative- thank G-d!  The thyroid antibodies on the other hand were anything but normal.  The number for the antibody is supposed to be no greater than 35.  Mine was 766.  Since I'm used to doing a fair amount of research for PB's different needs I took to the internet to check things out.  My Dr. really hates when I do that.  Ooops!  I was completely right in my diagnosis of Hashimoto's disease though.  The Dr. sent me to an endocrinologist right away since he wasn't sure how to treat this with some numbers being fine and others being so completely out of control.  The endocrinologist said that it was a bit unusual but still decided that since the antibodies were so high that it was a good idea to start treatment.  So now there is no one in my family that has a correctly working thyroid.  Such much for me being the last hold out.  I'm still the only one with not a single  cavity and I'm holding onto that one dang it! lol   So, I was started on meds to help with the thyroid.  I haven't noticed a huge difference yet but even a bit of change has helped. 

I took PB to the Dr. last friday because she's been complaining that her legs hurt.  She was complaining a lot.  My mom thought she was faking it to get out of doing her chores.  I still wanted it checked out.  This isn't the first time that she has been known to complain about joint pain.  The Dr. moved all her joints in various ways.  The last time she was in for joint pain her knees were the problem.  While the Dr. was checking her joints this time both her knees popped with very little movement.  The Dr. said it was time to finally give this an official diagnosis.  I think he'd been trying to hold off until he was completely sure.  He said that PB has something called Hypermobility Syndrome.  He's got a referral in for a local rheumatologist.  This is upsetting on so many levels.  First and foremost because its something else that PB needs to deal with.  It seems like for all the gains she makes there are always more steps backwards.  Also PB is a very, very, very active kid that needs a lot of movement just to help with her sensory issues.  This Hypermobility Syndrome can really limit what she is able to do without hurting herself.  Her activities were already limited because of the fact that she can't control her body temperature.  One of her favorite activities is yoga.  If the Dr. says she can continue with yoga I'm going to have to watch her very carefully to make sure she doesn't hurt, pull, tear or break anything. 

Now for the good news. Horseback riding therapy starts today.  PB is thrilled beyond words.  Her spring break has been a bit low key because my parents were home sick and we were playing nurse for them.  She did convince me to give her a gel polish mani yesterday.  Today she got her outfit for riding already.  Everything is set up down to the pink riding boots.  She then spent the morning watching Season 1 episodes of the Farm Kings and waiting for it to warm up enough to go outside to play.  So despite everything she faces she is still a happy little girl.  It doesn't get much better than that, does it?

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