Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Farm Kings Season 2 Episode 1

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Ok on a much lighter note....FARM KINGS!!! As I mentioned yesterday illness has taken over our house. Princess Bear (PB) has been ill since last week. She was home sick from school on Thursday and completely delighted that GAC was featuring a Farm Kings marathon. I had to babysit my nephews so Grandma stayed with PB and was introduced to the Farm Kings. Only my daughter could get away with that!

It was finally time for the new episode and it delivered. It delved right into what the show is about. Farming and family and it stayed true to it. It was nice to see them show how the cold weather took its toll. It does grate after awhile. It seems like after the holidays there is very little redeeming quality to winter. I would have loved to know more about how Tim figured out his seed supply. It was really cool to see Pete's woodwork and see his word shop. It also showed the Shop at New Kent has been renamed the Freedom Farms Cafe & Carryout. Initially a good deal of time was spent showing Bitty and how things were going at the Cafe. Now I really don't know how much they did for the sake of adding drama to the show but it definitely looked like Bitty was overwhelmed and not liking it. More on this in a minute. It also showed that Dan at gotten an "outside" job for the season. He was working construction and really enjoying himself. More on that in a minute also. And just because Joe dreams/plans big a lot of time was spent on the plans he had for expansion. I admire his tenacity but it definitely has the ability to drive his family to the brink. Then again the fact that Tim & Pete are the ones trying to rein him in and get the finer details worked out are what makes Freedom Farms work and hopefully continue to prosper.

The Cafe is Bitty's domain and a bit out from Freedom Farms. I can see how she could feel like a one man island there. She was working a ton of hours and trying to make it a success. It seems like everyone comes to her for everything. I mean everything. The idea of labels to heat the Tomato basil pies was a great idea but c'mon how hard is it to remember something like that? So Bitty finally came to the point that she needed another King at the Cafe and wanted Dan to come work with her. She talked to Joe about it and he gave her the go ahead. Now the $64,000 question is who is Jillian?

Dan had been working with a local contraction company. He seemed like he really was enjoying himself. Perhaps even better than that is the fact that the people who owned the company as well as his coworkers really liked Dan and loved his work ethic. If nothing else it gave Dan a chance to receive some accolades that it seems as though he doesn't get from his family often.

It was a bit heartbreaking when Bitty went to talk to Dan about coming to work with her. It was heartbreaking because you could just tell how tired and stretched thin that Bitty was. It was also heartbreaking because you could tell that Dan was really enjoying himself and what a struggle it was to decide what to do about his work situation. The pull of family is strong for the Kings and ultimately it won out.

On to Dan working at the Cafe. On his first day there some sort of water leak takes place. Evidently there are often issues in the building which is leading to a fair about of distress and anger since the landlords seem to be MIA. Dan who admits from the start that he's not a plumber tries to fix the problem as Joe comes in wanting to know what Dan did. Maybe it was just me but it kind of rubbed the wrong way. It really does seem like Dan is a bit of a black sheep. Then again that could just be the wonders of editing. There was also a meeting? A confrontation? with the building landlords. While I can completely relate to Joe being fed up by the lack of maintenance and basic courtesy from the building landlords he again didn't come off looking his best. While I can understand that he feels like he's running out of options I don't know if the best thing for a struggling business is to move locations. So I'm not sure if threatening to move was the best move. Hopefully the landlords drop some money into the place and make amends.

So all in all I've got to say that the episode was well worth the wait. It also gave a good look at what the season was going to cover which was nice. The end of the show with the boys shooting was great. Although I thought Tim was supposed to be the best shot in the family. It looked like they were having fun so that is what counts.

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Now on to what seems to be on the mind of Tim's many fans. Well ladies it looks like we'll all be admiring from afar with hopes of nothing more. Maggie is rockin' a ring and planning a wedding. Since this is what Tim wants and his family seems good with it I say we wish them the very best. I suspect the wedding will be a down home kind of thing. You know rustic country kind of thing. Lots of burlap and lace. We'll just have to stay tuned!!!

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