Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Why I'll never be a nurse

I started taking the pre-req classes to enter a nursing program when Princess Bear (PB) was a wee one.  The hours and pay seemed like a nice fit for a single mom.  There were just a few problems with this plan.  The first is that I really don't like the sight of blood.  Then there is the fact that my patience has a tendency to wear very thin after dealing with sick people for awhile.  PB and I have been playing nurses for my parents who have been sick.  I can handle making numerous mugs of tea.  Hell, I'll join in!  I can make chicken soup with the best of them.  It's the whiny part that inevitably comes along with taking care of a sick person that really grates on my nerves.  I'm praying that PB doesn't come down with whatever this is since I really am out of patience. 

Yeah, I know I'm sounding very whiny myself.  Better to vent here than go off on someone in the house, right?   On that note I'm going to go make one last round of tea, switch laundry and curl up with a book.  Hopefully I'll crash soon!  Tomorrow I'm opening the house up wide and airing out the germs!  Have a good one!

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