Saturday, April 20, 2013

Farm Kings Season 2 Episode 2

Again the Farm Kings delivered.  The episodes main focus was Lisa helping out at the bakery and needing help filling a big order.  She tried calling most of the kids and no one could help.  Although being at the bakery is so not Tim's cup of tea he agreed to help when Lisa called him.  He really does the role of doting son very well.  The banter between him and Lisa was a blast to watch.  I love when he mentioned her lack of measuring cups.  If we're keeping track so far Bitty & Tim have pointed this out.  Lisa left Tim in charge of taking out the pies.  Ooops.  One had a close encounter with the floor.  Tim whipped up a new pie and again saved the day.  Lisa had a sparing match with Dan.  It's very apparent how much Dan likes spending time with his mom and really does turn to her for guidance. 

Dan was having trouble with the pigs in his brothers opinion at least.  They thought he wasn't paying proper attention to the pigs.  Then one of the pigs escaped from its enclosure.  Pete yelled for Dan who then started chasing the pig.  I loved it when they did the cut away with Pete and he said you could chase a pig all day.  It really did look like it might come to that. Pete then renovated some of the gates for the pig enclosure to help with the breeding program.  I really hope that the brothers were being a bit harsh because I think Dan really does like the opportunity to shine.  He did an awesome job with the Farm Store last season. 

Joe and Bitty went on a road trip to the mushroom capital.  Bitty has an adoration with mushrooms and Joe wanted to look into the business side of it.  It was nice seeing Joe so relaxed and laid back.  I wonder if they'll add that to the line up in the future. 

Lisa while looking for things to help out became very frustrated with Joe's tendency to hoard things.  I will admit that it looked like a big cluster f*&k.  So Lisa decided to take matters into her own hands.  She had an auction selling the stuff.  That is so something my grandmother would have done.  Joe and Bitty pulled in after their trip and the auction was in full swing.  It was king of interesting to watch Joe's reaction.  The best part of the song was before the auction though when the younger boys came in to help.  Lisa had previously tried calling them and they didn't answer.  So when they came strolling in she let them know in no uncertain terms she wasn't happy.  She let them know that when momma calls they better pick up or it was the end of their cell phones.  I loved it.  I hope I'm a strong mom like that. 

Now for my only bummer of the show.  I noticed it in this pic of Tim and then was reminded in this episode.  Take a peek at this pic and tell me what seems off. 

 photo BHcCg4BCUAAH8dS_zpsf6e34b51.jpg
Dude!!!  What is up with the can in the back pocket??!!!?? C'mon Tim you're a smart guy so why are you trying to kill yourself?  Have you checked out any of the stats on chew/ snuff lately?  I know that you and your brothers are trying to farm in a healthier way that benefits the earth and consequently you so what are you doing?  Here are a few things for you to check out in case you have looked into this information lately. 
Some basic stats can be found HERE.  A truly heartbreaking story of a young man that died from oral cancer at the age of 19 can be found HERE.  OK, I know I'm on the soap box with this one but cancer is really scary shit.  It takes one, just one, cell going rogue and the rest of your life changes.  This is something you can actually have some control over.  I won't deny that any addictive substance is tough to get over but you have a long life in front of you so don't play Russian roulette with it.  There is truly nothing worse than watching someone you love deal with cancer.  Waiting for lab tests to come back.  Are you in celebration mode or warrior mode.  What's next?  It sucks and it's scary.  So if you have a hard time then look to your family and fiancee for help.  I'm sure you want kids and you want to see them grow up so please try to kick this bad habit.  OK, I promise I'm done. 

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