Thursday, April 18, 2013

Things You Should Know Today

OK- it seems to work better as an AOL headline but I'm giving it a try.  As far as things going on in the country this week there is A LOT!!!!!!!!  I'm not even going to address the Boston Tragedy again (yet). 

First up- Several gun-related amendments including the Toomey-Manchin proposal were shot down in Senate.  Many of the measures were near and dear to Obama's heart.  This is really great news.  As Rand Paul mentioned in this 13 hour filibuster any rights we give up now we can't count on getting them back.  If this amendments that are a complete violation of the 2nd amendment had passed the country would have been sliding towards its decline even faster than we are now which is a really scary prospect.  Of course good old Harry Reid is saying that shelving this is just a temporary thing.  Read more about it HERE.    Perhaps instead of implementing even more laws and violating the rights written out in the Constitution the federal government should try enforcing the laws that are already in place.  As Ted Cruz so kindly pointed out yesterday there were 48,000 felons and fugitives who tried to illegally purchase firearms, the Justice Department prosecuted just 44 of them in one year.  Let me just throw that out there for you again.  48,000 people who have already lost the right to legally purchase firearms tried to do so.  Only 44 of them were prosecuted.  Hmmmm, maybe we should go after them?  Just something to think about before making even more laws.  Oh, the only thing I will say about the Boston tragedy for now is why is it that when the tragedy happened Monday the people of the country, and rightfully so, wanted to know who was responsible.  There were idiots like Chris Matthews trying to say it was a right winger but even that is trying to put the blame somewhere.  Why am I pointing this out?  The country wanted to know who is responsible, where to put the blame and make them pay for it.   The important thing is they are blaming THE PERSON responsible for the act.  Not the equipment that caused the act (ie the bomb).  When the Sandyhook tragedy happened the instant and ongoing reaction is to get rid of the guns.  Why is that?  Adam Lanza was mentally ill.  He killed those children.  Those guns didn't break into the school and start shooting themselves.  While his mother had every right in the world to own those guns she made a very critical error.  An error that she and many others paid the ultimate price for.  She should have taken it upon herself to know that her son was not  mentally competent enough to have access to guns and should have taken the proper precautions.  She didn't and that was the problem in and of itself.  Not the type of gun or how many bullets it held.   Of course Obama had to have a temper tantrum and go off when things didn't go his way.  Read about it HERE.

Next up the Human Gene Patent case was put before the Supreme Court this Monday.  This is important for many things and several different industries.  You can read about it HERE.  I'm not going to pretend that I understand it but I will say that depending on how it goes will directly affect the bio tech industries and the future of medical research.  DNA is still a field that is has so much to be discovered.  I remember a few years ago we had to go back to the geneticist for Princess Bear (PB).  We'd initially seen here when PB was 18 months or 2 years old.  At the time there was not a diagnosis for what she had.  A few years later things had changed.  They had discovered where in the DNA makeup that craniosynostosis occurred.  The testing for it was only done one lab in the world.  It was in England.  So we had PB's blood drawn in Chicago and it was sent across the pond.   About a month later we had results.  Why am I mentioning this?  It's a wide open field that changes constantly.

Now for some bummer news CIPSA has passed the House this week.  Next it goes to the Senate and then to Obama to sign if all is passed.  As if the federal government had any qualms about "spying" on citizens this just opens things up for them a bit more.  Just as the Patriot Act needs to be revoked this shouldn't have passed.  You can read up on the finer points HERE

Last but not least media of other countries will point out what an "ineffectual, invisible, the weakest president in history" that Obama is.  You can read the article in response to an article appearing in a British paper HERE

OK, off the current events/political update soapbox for now.  I'm sure tomorrow will be a Farm Kings recap if today wasn't your cup of tea.  Until then have a good one!


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