Tuesday, April 23, 2013

There are hearts breaking wide open all over the world tonight!!!

OK, I did mention in my post last week that Tim's girlfriend was rocking an engagement ring but I guess some people didn't pick up on that.  This week I got emails from a few people asking why I hadn't addressed Tim's upcoming doom.  I mean nuptials.  So I guess I'll dedicate todays post to it completely so there is no missing it.  Yes ladies, Tim is officially off the market.  Well at least engaged and from what we've seen of Tim on the show he seems like a pretty stand up guy and like one who takes commitment seriously.   If you go to the Freedom Farms website you can even find this article in which Tim discusses being engaged.  Find it HERE.  Someone also sent me this picture of Tim and his fiancee Maggie asking me what I knew about it.  Um....nothing more than you apparently.  I live in Illinois and no longer no anyone living in the state of PA so no connections whatsoever.  It is kind of funny that I get mail about this stuff though.  So indeed the article is true and Tim is engaged. 

 photo magstein327-1364675246_600_zps1ae5a224.jpg

Now before Maggie's sister, friends and family start leaving less than nice comments don't even bother.  This was sent to me & I'm just passing it along.  No idea where it originally came from nor do I really care.  I think it's great that Tim is happy so let's raise a glass and wish Tim and Maggie a long, loving life together filled with nothing but joy!

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