Friday, July 11, 2014

General rambling

I finished the Janet Evanovich book last night.  I NEVER takes me 2 days to read one of them.  I just fell out early Tuesday night.  If you haven't read the Stephanie Plum books consider giving them a try.  They really are laugh out loud funny.  I'm still kind of chuckling over the whole Grandma wondering into the bathroom while Ranger was showering.  I'm a Ranger gal. 

Today my sister and I were discussing a friend who had a preemie baby and the baby seems to have some developmental issues.  I'm talking about even factoring in the whole preemie issue.  The pediatrician has made some other random calls and we're more than a bit concerned about the baby.  Unfortunately there is no easy way to look at new parents and say "hey- something is wrong here.".  One of my closest friends is a nurse anesthetist.  She was watching Princess Bear (PB) when she was just a few months old.  At that point PB still had random medical issues popping up with a fair amount of regularity.  Anyhoo- Monika was watching PB for me because my dad had been admitted into the hospital and I couldn't drag a baby down there.  I remember when I got to her house to pick up PB she looked really funny.  PB had had a focal seizure while she was there.  Frankly if Monika hadn't noticed it G-d only knows when the issue would have been noticed.  (Note: Focal seizures are not like Grand Mal seizures.  In a focal seizure the person just kind of spaces out and doesn't respond to any outside stimuli.  It just looks like the person is gazing off).  Monika was so scared to tell me what she noticed because she didn't want to upset me.  Better that I am upset and can address the issue than not deal with the issue.  I understand as a parent that you never want to think that something is wrong with your child but you can't stick your head in the sand and hope that things all end up peachy keen.  So we're kind of scratching our heads and trying to find a way that the parents will look at the information we want to share with them in a positive light and get some help for the child. 

In PB news she's having a very hard time accepting the fact that her overheating issue is a deal breaker in some activities.  The other day we went bowling and she did great job.  Now she was using bumpers so that helps a lot.  I told her that if she worked on her aim and ball release and continued to do well that we'd get rid of the bumpers.  I mentioned that if she did well without the bumpers that we'd be able to put her in Special Olympics for bowling.  Initially this made her all kinds of excited.  Then she decided that she really wanted to be like Gracie Gold.  I tried explaining to her that she couldn't do anything as physically demanding as competitive ice skating.  I tried explaining that it was a punishment that she just had to consider the physical aspects of things and the likelihood of her overheating or not.   That didn't soothe her soul at all and she completely broke down sobbing.  I freaking hate seeing my daughter cry almost more than anything.  With tears streaming down her face she told me she was trying to be responsible with her like and step it up to be like Gracie Gold.  G-d bless her little heart.  She truly thinks that she is capable.  I hate it when I have to burst that bubble.  It's times like that it's very hard not to get mad at G-d and the powers that be. 

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