Monday, July 14, 2014

Started OT today

Today was my first Occupational therapy session since breaking my hand.  First visits are always getting lots of information, poking and prodding and getting some baseline information.  Then the Occupational therapist is supposed to come up with a therapy game plan.  I know this from having the carpal and cubital tunnel surgery and my mom is still certified as an Occupational Therapist Assistant.  My mom got in touch with a physical therapist at the same location and asked what therapist she would want to use and that's who I saw.  Ummmm...not sure if the guy is any good get but he's a closet sadist!!!!!!  Seriously!!!  He started squeezing down exactly where the bone broke.  HELLO!!!!  Really not sure that was necessary.  So I was sent home with a home program to help with pain management as well as getting back some strength.  The good news is that I have great range of motion in the hand.  I'll take that as a plus! 

Other than that it was just one of those run from pillar to post and repeat!  Princess Bear (PB) had Passport to Imagination at Michaels today.  Then we ran home so my friend Mike aka the computer guru could try to figure out why my cell won't hook into my router correctly.  I have been burning through the data allowance because of this.  Then it was OT.  After that it was a drive across the river to the stable to see about starting PB in riding therapy again.  Her back is really hurting her and I really want to get her riding with Emma again.  Then it was time to hit Target for back to school supplies and Walgreens.  Once we landed at home PB and I spent some time weeding the garden.  So that is the story here and I'm so ready to put this day to bed and get some sleep!

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Leigh said...

I've been fortunate in that I've never had a situation that needed PT. After reading your experience, I'm glad!