Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Project Life and general ramblings

Ok- gotta start with the fact that I'm LOVING project life!  I loved the idea of scrapbooking to document special things in Princess Bears (PB) life.  The down side is that scrapbooking is not a cheap hobby.  Also I think you tend to only hit on the special events of life.  With Project life you commit to doing one page a week.  So you're getting the little things too.  So with Project life prompting me to document more of the day to day things and my lovely new cell phone helping out with great pics I'm a happy camper.  I'm sure in the long run I'll appreciate the little things I've captured more than the big stuff.

Yesterday I gave PB a Teenie Beanie Boo that I got in a Happy Meal (don't ask).  She was thrilled because she loves the little Beanies.  She then read his little tag.  Here's a look at it:

 photo 0722141614-1_zps7698fed6.jpg 

So here is a recap of the conversation that we had about Coconut after she read his tag. 

PB "I love him even if his legs are short!  Who cares! He's so soft!" And she wings him up into the front seat so I can feel him.
Sarah "Oh, he is soft!  So you don't care about his legs?" I love the way my daughter has such a child like innocence in the way she views such things.
PB "Nope!  I like him just the way he is.  That's just being nice, right?"

No precious little girl- that is what makes you wonderful!  So of course this little ditty went into this weeks Project Life page. 

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