Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Yep, still alive and kicking!  The cast is finally off my hand.  It had to stay on for 8 weeks total since the bone was showing any signs of healing in the x-rays taken at 6 weeks.  They don't like doing that since you start to permanently lose muscle tone but felt that I still needed the protection of the cast.  The bone is still broken but now showing signs of healing in the x-rays.  So the cast is off and I'm waiting to find out how soon I start OT.  Having never broken anything other than a few fingers and toes I mistakenly thought that ok you break something, the Dr. puts a cast on it for awhile & you're good to go.  At my last appointment the Dr. told me that I will mostly likely experience pain for 12-18 months and that there is a good chance that I could break it again based on the location and the fact that it's healing so slowly.  Seriously????  Wtf!!!

Enough about the hand for now.  I was considering get political or doing a WTF is wrong with mankind but opted not to do that tonight.  Basically because I just don't have the energy at the moment!  Princess Bear is keeping me very busy chauffeuring her back and forth to all of her summer activities.  She is doing the Michael's Passport to Imagination a couple of times a week, she is doing Kids bowl free anytime she can talk me into it.  Ditto for the pool.  Then there are the usual weekly appointments for OT and piano.  2 weeks ago she had vacation bible school which she always loves.  This week it is private swimming lessons.  The kid is a natural swimmer but I wanted her to have some one on one to make sure that she was safe in the pool.  I'm rocking a lovely sunburn now.  Looking a bit like Rudolph! 

So that is the story around these parts.  I'm going to go curl up with the new Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum novel. 

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