Tuesday, July 15, 2014

TV musings other than Farm Kings

One of my other favorite TV shows is Criminal Minds.  I love the premise of the psychology behind it.  I've often said that if I could have any job in the world that I would be a psychological profile expert.  At one point Mason was encouraging me to go back to school and do that.  I have a ton of psychology credits and he always is encouraging me to pursue what will make me happy.  What a man!  Back to Criminal Minds.  I've watched the show since the second season.  While I do admit the show is rather "dark" there is no way to pull off the show any other way.  In addition to loving the premise of the show the eye candy isn't bad either!  Right?

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 Criminal Minds is one of the few shows that I follow on Facebook. I follow entirely too much crap on there and don't need to clutter it with TV shows as well. So in the past week or so Criminal minds has had a few Facebook posts that have left me shaking my head and saying "wtf".  First off- the show isn't returning until October.  Remember when shows would have a finale in late May and would return in August?  The only other hiatus that sucks more is the 9 months that Sons of Anarchy takes!  So no Criminal Minds until October.  Grumble grumble but okay.  Then comes the post saying that Jeanne Tripplehorn's character departure is going to be filled by Jennifer Love Hewitt.  Seriously???? Now I know every male fan of Criminal Minds is loving this announcement because in reality Jennifer Love Hewitt is very pretty and has a huge rack.  Facts are facts kids.  The only problem here is that Jennifer Love Hewitt isn't much of an actress.  I'm not seeing this as a positive move for Criminal Minds.  Damn.


cathy said...

Did you see Jennifer Love Hewett is coming on the show?

Cathy said...

I think Jennifer Love Hewett will be a good addition to the show. I love the show, too. Did you ever look at some artwork that Matthew Gray Gubler did, very cool. BTW, I did like how Alex left the show. As long as they keep the guys, I am not one to complain. Also I enjoy your blog.

Sarah said...


Thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad you enjoy the blog. I just don't think Jennifer Love Hewitt is a strong actress. I have seen Matthew Gray Gubler's artwork. Although the style isn't my cup of tea it is indeed good. I was surprised that Jeanne Tripplehorn left since she was still under contract and I thought her departure was downplayed a lot. I'm just glad the show is coming back in the fall!