Monday, July 21, 2014

Pillar to Post and banging my head.

I am beginning to think that I'm going to need a vacation to recover from Princess Bears (PB) vacation.  She has enough activities to keep herself busy and me slightly dazed and crazed.  She has art classes 2 or 3 times a week, tutoring 2x a week, OT, piano and horseback riding.  Add to that trips to the library, pool or bowling alley (usually one of these daily).  Swimming lessons start again tomorrow night.  Momma needs a nap, a long hot shower or a glass of good wine.  Maybe all three! 

Tonight we had dinner with my Uncles and cousin Jenny.  Jenny lives in CA and is here for just a few days.  PB LOVES Jenny and insisted that we had to visit this trip.   Jenny is coming back in November and I thought that it would be a better time to visit but no suck luck on that one.  So my parents, PB and I met them all at a local restaurant. Jenny's dad and I used to be very, very, very close.  No so much in recent years.  Tonight was a pretty good example why.  First a bit of back story.  In my young and stupid youth I was very liberal.  Think Hillary Clinton kind of Democrat.  Yeah- I know you're shaking your head and asking yourself "Really?  No way.  Couldn't have been".  I was.  My Uncle is pretty much the same way.  So about the same time I started reconsidering my liberal views my relationship with my uncle started getting dicey.  Of course there is more at play than that but that is the biggest reason we're not as close.  I just can't buy into the bullshit or keep my mouth shut.  Also as a bit more back story my uncle is Jewish.  OK so you've got the dynamics that are about to go down here right? 

My dad and uncle start discussing the escalation between Israel and Hamas.  My uncle is not understanding why it has to be like this.  He understands that there was no Palestinian state before Israel so they have nothing to stand on but he doesn't understand why the fighting is happening when there is really no end game in sight.  OMG!!!!  Someone please point out where the bulls eye mark on the wall is so I can go beat my head a little.  I also asked him how he felt about the oh so great Obama calling  Benjamin Netanyahu to tell him that he's gravely concerned about the situation.  My Uncle actually sat there and tried to explain to me why Obama had to make that call and why my Uncle was ok with that.  I don't understand being Jewish and not supporting Israel or being outraged at Obama's lack of support.  I'd like to say that I'm missing some piece of the puzzle that would somehow make it all clear but I just can't imagine what that is.  

I did manage to stay calm and not incite so I guess that's all kinds of happy.  I just find it so difficult to play nicely when I want to take someone and hit them upside the head until some sense fills the gray area.  I remember once, many many moons ago, a dear friend looked at me and assured me that as I aged my temper would settle down.  Yeah, not sure it its the red hair factor or what my the temper hasn't simmered!  Oh well I guess there are worse things than being extremely passionate about what you believe in!  I just have to keep on reminding myself that you can't always make others see reason.  The good old you can lead a horse to water yada yada yada.

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