Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Can you mainline Caffiene?!!?

Hey there! Its been so crazy here. A week and a half ago I was suffering from MAJOR lethargy and its back! I dozed most of the morning and then Princess Bear and I also too a major nap this afternoon. I didn't sleep much on Sat or Sun nights but this is crazy!

Fathers Day was wrapped up by my mom deciding she could handle us living here. I've really been working on the house and I've stepped it up so hopefully things will calm down. I'm a Flybaby (follower of FLY Lady) but I've read a lot about Home Management Guides (first introduced to this by Heather from Wanting what You have) (Can anyone teach me how to link things?!!?) and I'm trying to find some more useful ideas and forms to add to my binder. I'm a definite list person.

Well that is it on this front. I'm tired and run down (Oh I did have a cyst rupture so that could explain today's lethargy, huh?) How about a few more favorite things? Also thanks to everyone who shared theirs!!!

1) Learning new ways of living green and frugally (please share any and all tips you have)
2) Nice weather in Illinois is mid June!!!
3) Helpful strangers!!! I read Bethany's comment about the floating chlorine dispenser and was at Walmart checking them out yesterday. I was on my cell phone telling my dad about both and not sure which one to buy. This guy overheard me and came to the rescue! He also gave me a bunch of really great tips about maintaining the pool! I was so excited!
4) My red hot sipper tea. I'm addicted! I love it and drink it constantly! YUM YUM!
5) Magazines. I'm a reading junkie. I love reading but sometimes when you're busy books just don't work. My favorite mags are: Women's World, All You, and First. I'm so bad...I bend the pages of anything that can be useful later. I have a HUGE box of said pages. Maybe I need to start a project with this!

HM Sarah Siggy

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melody is slurping life said...

I hope you're feeling perky soon.

I'm a fellow magazine junkie, and that tea does sound yummy.