Friday, June 27, 2008

Things I want to learn....can you help me?!!!!!? as I'm nearing the end (I think! fingers crossed) of the house cleaning project from the underworld I'm evaluating what I would like to do and learn in the next few months. I can't believe that the summer is 1/2 over & I'm not sure that I will be able to pick up classes in the fall so here is a list of things I'm interested in. If you're good at or have resources for any of these things hit me up! You can email me at (that is one of the can I add an email me button to the right hand column that will help someone automatically email me?!!!? Add learning HTML to the list!)

1) I'm in the process of redesigning my Control Journal/ Home Management Binder. I'm a form junkie and would love for anyone to share any and all forms with me! Sites, good graphics etc!

2) Ways and resources for going green...preferably economically please!!!

3) Resources for making natural based products for the home. I make my own shampoo and laundry detergent as well as wipes for my nephew. I'd eventually like to turn this into a business venture at some point in time. Do you do these things? Where did you learn? If you don't make your own are natural products important to you?

I think there is more but Princess Bear is about to fall out so I want to scoot her off for a nap before she falls asleep in here!

HM Sarah Siggy


Susan said...

Hmmmm, sounds interesting. I can't help you with any of it, though. LOL

Sarah said...

Sure you could! I bet you know some things about going green as well as soap from your sister!!!

How goes it? Been meaning to call you. I need to add your number to my cell...that might help!

Susan said...

LOL Yeah, it might. Things are things.

Heather said...

Hi Sarah,

You may know this already, but you can get many forms for your binder from Also, you can read my whole Inside the Guide series for tips and instructions.

I have a post on my blog about making homemade wipes under the Thrifty Tips label, and has good homemade cleaning product recipes, which I have used and enjoyed.

Hope this helps!