Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Maintaining an above ground pool contest

Ok...because I don't know of ANY other way of doing this I'll do it by comments left (although if you can tell me a better way please let me know!)

Best ways/tips/websites for maintaining an above ground pool

Last year we had a quick set above ground pool and it was a DISASTER!!!!!!!!!! It was green and gross way too often and not worth the trouble. Since I really need a pool because Princess Bear can't regulate her body temperature I'm looking for any and all advice! What to do, what not to do. How often do you do what. Where to get the best supplies.

Every comment will count as one entry. Also if you refer someone and they include your name & link in their comment you will receive another entry.

Contest will run through June 25th.


Pair of 4th of July clippies. (I'll post pics in the next day or two!) Spread the word! I'd really appreciate the help!

HM Sarah Siggy


Bethany said...

Have you tried using a floating chlorine dispenser? I have heard that it works wonders in above ground pools. One of my friends has one and she never even has to clean her pool out herself (except to get leaves out).

Sarah said...


Thank you so much!!! I went to Walmart and bought one yesterday! Last year I had the kind you add to the filter region...didn't work well at all :( We're hopefully setting up the pool this weekend. Last weekend was a no go and we're having a cold snap here (Ok...mid 70's but that's cold for this time of year in IL!). I loved reading about your OAMC!

Bethany said...

I'm so glad that suggestion helped you! : )