Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Princess Bear turned 5 today!


I'm sitting here reminiscing this night 5 years ago. Actually by this point I was so out of it on Demerol I remember very little. A bit of past history. Princess Bears bio dad bailed 3 weeks after I told him I was pregnant. Fine so be it. In all actuality I don't think he could deal with Princess Bear (PB) or any of her issues so we're probably better off. It doesn't mean that I don't despise him for it or at times would give a vital organ to have some help but he obviously isn't the one that's going to do it. Half way through my pregnancy I got engaged to Wayne the love of my life who was my best friend. He wanted to adopt PB and was really there for me (as much as a deployed sailor could be!). He helped pick her name and was my rock. My pregnancy had been high risk from the word go and wasn't at all fun. I was actually looking forward to my induction. All I could think about was getting this kiddo out of me so we could move along with our lives! Never once did the thought of having a special needs child cross my mind. Anyway, the day of my induction I drove to my parents house and picked up my mom....after stopping at McDonalds for breakfast first! Then I drove my mom and myself to the hospital. I'm probably the only woman that shows up late for her own induction! As it turned out it was ok b/c L&D was full that morning and there were no rooms. Eventually there was a room available and the fun and games started! The nurse that was helping me was the nurse that delivered me! I thought that was pretty cool! Anyway, Sue (the nurse) started my pitocin and gave me the warning of it will probably have to be turned up more but we'll wait and see. Hello...what are they talking about...within 20 minutes I was having strong and fast contractions. Not work... I don't think so! :) Oh...I must say that the absolute best thing I ever did for my delivery was have a doula with me. What an incredibly wonderful addition to the whole birthing experience! Anyway, the day wore on and really nothing much was happening. I wasn't allowed to get out of the bed b/c PB was so high they were afraid the cord would prolapse. I didn't want an epidural if at all possible because frankly I was afraid of them! I did a round of IV drugs and though "OK...I can do this!" That was beautiful stuff and I actually took a nap. An hour and a half later I received another round that didn't kick in so well :( Early evening I was grumpy and not a happy camper and letting everyone know! Why is it that you can have ice chips but not water?!!? Its just melted ice chips for goodness sake!!! I finally had enough and decided if I couldn't get out of the bed that I might as well get an epidural. (If anyone ever wants to hear a couple of horror stories drop me an email and I'll let you know about my & my sisters epidural experiences). Once that kicked in my mom & Jennifer had a good time teasing me. They were watching my monitor and every time a contraction came they asked if I could feel it. HELLO! I CAN'T FEEL ANYTHING & I'M LOVING IT THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I took another nap then and woke up around 6:30. I woke up and listened to listened to the monitor and commented to my mom & Jennifer that something was wrong. They assured me that the nurse was watching my monitor at the desk. This went on for a few more rounds and then I watched TV. Dr. Couri came in a little after 7pm. She took one look at the monitor read out and went to get the nurse. Its not a good thing when your Dr is holding the monitor readout asking "How long has it been like this" PB was going into distress every time I had a contraction. Dr. Couri was going to try oxygen for an hour and see if that would help PB. 20 minutes later Dr. Couri came back and said it wasn't working at all and she didn't want to wait longer...enter emergency C-section. Now the one thing I was more scared of than an epidural was a C-section. I remember so little and actually went into a bit of shock. I remember my mom showing me PB. I remember in the recovery room later coming to and my best friend was holding my hand and I was begging for pain meds. I knew something was wrong since my mom was no where to be found. The nurse and my best friend went a few rounds before Jes convinced her that I really wouldn't ask for pain meds unless I needed them. I have a vague memory of my mom telling me there was a problem with PB and that the neunatologist were with her and the pediatrician had been called in. I had my mom call Fr. Bliss. Fast forward another few hours and I was transferred to a room. I was completely out of it and remember coming to awhile later to my mom holding PB and Jessi & Monika by her and everyone crying and very upset. Not a good memory. Monika said that I needed at least one picture holding my baby the night she was born so they gave her to me and took some pics and that is the last thing I remember of the night she was born. The specialists were called the next day and we started all sorts of testing and so began my adventure with Princess Bear.

I always get a bit melancholy around PB's birthday. The first birthday was fun and there was lots of family celebrating with us. I remember Mason told me that 1 wasn't a big deal...that 2 is the tough birthday. They don't even looked at all like a baby at that point and he was so right!

Today we decided to make it a fun day for Princess Bear and try to keep it low key at the same time. She woke up WAY early so she actually caught my parents before they left for work. We spent the morning vegging out watching TV and playing. We took a rest and then a shower before meeting my sister and Tyler for lunch. McDonalds was the order of the day. PB actually behaved well and it was an overall nice time! Then my parents decided that we were going out to dinner so it was off to Carlos OKelly's. PB was in heaven as she loves salsa and chips as well as queso and chips. Add mac n cheese and sprite to it and she was just ready to go over the moon! On the way home from dinner my sister called to say that were coming over to do cake with us. It was a great day of spending lots of family time. I got her a Little Mommy Real Life doll which was a big hit. I also got a new pool at Toys R Us yesterday as the rest of the birthday gift. Its a 12'x30" metal frame pool. I can't wait to set it up!!! Its been darn hot here!

Here are a few pics of tonight. They where taken with my cell phone (sorry! I can't find my camera :(!!!!) My sister took a few awesome pics of PB & Tyler but I don't have those yet. I'll share when I do.






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Susan said...

I remember when you were pregnant! Dang I can't believe it's been that long already. She's getting so big. Thanks, now I want cake. LOL Tell that beautiful big girl happy belated birthday!

Sarah said...

Well, if you want a recipe for the most awesome icing in the world let me know! Do you remember John Ball?!!? He used to make bets whether I could make it out of the building & all the wake to my car without being sick! UGH! The REC was fun in some ways!

How are you & your kiddos?

Heather said...

Sarah, I cried at your birth story. I'm so thankful that you have your little Princess Bear. Raising a special needs child is no easy task, but it's so inspiring that you see it as an adventure! Erma Bombeck once wrote a great column about parents of special needs children. I'll see if I can find it and e-mail it to you.

Also, very cute cake! Happy Birthday PB!

Sarah said...

I'd love to read it! That would be awesome! Thanks Heather!

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Happy Birthday Princess Bear! How exciting to be 5! Love that Hello Kitty cake. She's one of my favorites!


Bethany said...

Oh my goodness she is so adorable! I love that cute Hello Kitty cake too! :)