Sunday, January 9, 2011

Are you serious?

OK- now I realize that my mom has some problems & apparently my dad is right there along side her. On Friday night my dad made dinner. Instead of cleaning up he left the olive oil on the main counter near the edge. Yesterday my parents were leaving for my mom's work party. Now Princess Bear (PB) had tried helping and got out the bean salsa/salad my mom was taking. Well the counter was cluttered and the bowl was big & heavy. PB wound up spilling some on the floor. Ok- I wasn't pleased but such is life. It cleaned up fairly well.

I was back in my room. Mucking it out as a friend says. Ugh! Too much stuff and too little space! Anyway next thing I hear is a loud crash, breaking glass & yelling. My dad starts screaming my name so I go see what happened. The whole thing of olive oil had broken in a million pieces. So there is glass & olive oil everywhere. My parents have to leave for my mom's party. My mom does try to play it nice and apologize for leaving me with a mess. If she would have left it at that it would have been ok. Instead she added "but the counter is a mess & I told you that". All my life I've listened to my mom spout off about how you never add a "but..." to an apology because it negates the apology. THEN SHE DOES IT!!!!!!!!!!! At that point I was way not happy. I start cleaning up the mess and cut my big toe. Not awful- I pulled the glass out and went about cleaning. Well, evidently it was worse than I thought because I realized I was tracking blood. Then the phone rings. I knew it was my mom so I let it go to the machine. My mom is screaming like a deranged lunatic for me to pic up the phone. So I pick it up. What was so all important that I HAD TO PICK UP THE PHONE RIGHT NOW???? She had to tell me to check the cabinets to make sure they didn't have oil on them. Hello- that you couldn't a) leave on the machine or b) wait until you get home????? WTF??????????

So I proceed to clean up glass and oil. I went through copious amounts of paper towel. Then I vacuumed and sprayed Alice's Wonder Cleaner on it (this stuff is the bomb of homemade cleaning supplies!). Then vacuumed again. Then I proceed to spot spray again & vacuum the entire kitchen to make sure there wasn't any stray glass. Sure enough there was. So I go through and vacuum it again and really get underneath the cabinets and in all the nooks & crannies. Then I mop the floor with Alice's Wonder spray and then spray it down with a vinegar rinse. Where the oil spilled I did this 3 times. I really wanted to make sure no one was going to slip and fall on their butts!

At that point I was seriously pissy. I also had to go to my uncle's house to let the dogs out & feed them dinner. Now if I had agreed to that I would have been fine but my parents accepted this errand for me. So I'd spent more than an hour cleaning up the kitchen & then I had to go to my uncle's. PB didn't eat dinner until after 7pm.

The rest of the evening was a bit better & I got PB down for bed and was settling down to watch the Jets vs Colts game (the Colts are my backup team). My parents come home, proceed to wake up PB and feed her some cake. Hello????????? Then they hold her and my mom & dad proceed to tell me how its my fault that my dad didn't put the oil away. I was doing dishes & he couldn't get over to where it belongs. Um, first of all he never has a problem telling me to move over. Then theres the fact that he could have still put it in a safer place and put it away anytime in the 24 hours it was there. So my parents are completely and sincere in placing the blame on me. It takes a special kind of fucked up, doesn't it????

So my parents are holding PB and I'm trying to watch the end of the football game. Colts were down and there was 2 minutes on the game clock. Yes I understand that that really means more like 4-7 minutes depending on commercials, time outs and whatnot. My mom starts screaming that PB needs to go to bed NOW!!! I tell her that I'm watching the end of the game & then I'll put her down. They didn't care when they woke her up. Nope my mom has a complete shit fit & insists that I put her down ASAP. So I turn on the game in my room & watch it with PB. The Colts kicked a field goal and were up by 2. WOOHOO!!! Then in the last 4 seconds of the game the Jets did the same thing & won. Ugh! It was a perfect ending to a crap night.
Oh wait- I forgot the best part- after busting my butt to clean my dad told my mom to be careful because I probably did a shitty job cleaning up. Love that vote of confidence!

I'm still just amazed that my mom did the apology but thing and that they honestly think the whole mess was my fault. Oh I also got the "Almost all of our fights are about you" lecture. Yeah- then you have problems but it isn't me! So that is the story around here for now! Thanks for letting me vent!


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Jen on the Edge said...

There is nothing I can say that won't include a rant about your parents, so I'll just say that I'm sorry that you had to deal with that rather sucky situation.