Thursday, January 6, 2011

Man- what have I done this week????

I know I've been busy and haven't been sleeping because my insomnia is really kicking my butt at the moment but I have NO idea what the heck I have been doing!

On Tuesday I had an appointment with the Dr to reschedule my carpal & cubital tunnel surgery. To say I am freaked out about this surgery is an understatement. I have this huge fear of something happening to me and Princess Bear (PB) being left with my parents. My friend Suzy spent my waiting room time assuring me via text that I had to do this & I'd be fine. Well, I left there with the surgery scheduled for Feb 18. The recovery time is 6-8 weeks with no driving for a couple of weeks (its longer than traditional carpal tunnel surgery because they have to do my elbow as well). I left there feeling ok about everything and 18 is a lucky number to boot! Well PB asked me what I'd done that day so I told her which brought up my upcoming surgery. My daughter FLIPPED OUT! She started crying and told me to fire the Dr. Then when I assured her I'd be fine she demanded to be allowed to go to the hospital with me. I told her we'd spring her early from school that day.

Yesterday my parents had their new recliners delivered and the delivery men were just leaving as I brought PB home from school. She was MAD! She was ready to come in the house & yell at the delivery men to get out of her house & leave her furniture alone. Yeah- think she has a problem with change?

I'm reading a great book that I'll tell you more about when I'm done and I also received a copy of the Glenn Beck/ Dr. Keith Ablow book that I can't wait to read! Well that is life here. Back to digging out my room and rearranging once again!


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