Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm seriously accident prone!


And you read it here first! On Sunday I was with Princess Bear at Sunday School. Class was over and I went to stand up even though my leg was asleep- very asleep. Next thing I know I'm on the floor and have mega swelling immediately. My parents of course claim I did this on purpose (I know it truly boggles the mind!) I wanted to go to prompt care but my parents for whatever reason thought that ER was a better option. As it turned out that was better because I was on the low end of the priority list & the room had a TV in it. The Bears were playing to advance in the playoffs so I was really glad to have the TV in there! The gave me a painkiller & ice and basically left me alone for a few hours (although the resident & tech kept coming in to check the score! lol) The attending said that in sprains like this there is a 50-50 chance of the ligament pulling a piece of bone off so I had to wait for x-rays. Thankfully there was no bone damage! I'm on crutches for 2 weeks and can't drive for that long as well. This is a pic I took last night- sorry for the cruddy quality. I took it with my phone since I really didn't want to get up to get my camera.


So this pic is 3 days in- lovely isn't? I'm telling you when I do something I do it all the way!

Now I can say that I'm getting some rest but not as much as I thought and I'm doing a ton of reading. So that is the story on this side!

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