Monday, January 3, 2011

PB goes back to school tomorrow

Princess Bear (PB) returns to school tomorrow. For some reason I'm dreading this. I think it could be because she seems a bit off and I'd rather have her at home where I can keep a close eye on her. She's been sleeping in and is rather pale and just not quite herself. We've had a pretty enjoyable vacation so I'm not chomping at the bit to send her back tomorrow. Then again I haven't accomplished much while she was home and I need to unbury my room by this weekend. I just hope things go well at school.

As for me I'm doing alright. I have an appointment with the Dr. tomorrow to reschedule my carpal tunnel surgery. I'm supposedly back down to 2 days a week at my sisters so I'm working on getting my life back. I've been making lists of things I want to sell at the salon and possibly online. I've been scouring gardening catalogs and making lists. I'm also reading more on homesteading and simplifying. I'm feeling pretty good about things. The fact that the scrabble tile necklaces did well have certainly done a lot to bolster my mood and made me plan on making more items to sell. Also I want to have some stock built up before I have my surgery. For whatever reason this surgery is scaring the bloody hell out of me. I've had surgery many times before. Had both knees scoped, sinus surgery (basically its having your face roto-rootered), my tonsils removed when I was 21 or 22 and then an emergency C section. I've never had any real complications from surgery. Some minor issues from coming out of anesthesia because of my asthma but nothing big. For whatever reason this surgery is terrifying me. Don't get me wrong- I want to have the surgery because I can't keep on living with this pain but its also got me really freaked out and I can't figure out why.

Other than that I'm going to be unburying my room this week. My parents have decided they're going in on Sunday morning to check things out and see if its "clean" enough. Yes, I completely understand how ludicrous this is. Then again my room is a major pit at the moment (compared to the slightly cluttered mess that my mom freaks out about) so I'm not adverse to doing a major cleaning. I just hate that its on my parents timetable. Such is life I suppose.

The only other tidbit of news is that I'm looking into the paralegal program at the local community college here. Its certified by the ABA and since I have a degree already its a 1 year program plus an internship. The money is nice and would be enough for PB and I to move the heck out of my parents place and not have to worry constantly. That is really important to me because once I leave here there is no coming back so I want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row so PB and I can live a life that isn't filled with a mommy constantly freaking out about how to pay X or Y. This certainly is a job that will be soul satisfying but I figure I can work on that when we're out on our own.

So that is the news on this side!



Jen on the Edge said...

I hope Princess Bear is feeling better and that she's not sick.

The paralegal program sounds like a great opportunity. I hope that you like what you see and are able to take some classes this year.

Sarah said...


PB isn't sick but still not quite ok. She is thrilled to be back in school! I hope I can get in the fall semester!