Friday, January 14, 2011

A really nice read

OK- honestly I'd wanted this book for awhile & bought it for myself for my birthday (back in September!) so why I didn't read it until last week I have no idea! It was a really nice, easy, inspiring read. So are you wanting to know what I read???? Or should I tease you some more???? That's so not nice so I'll just tell you what I read. Made from Scratch: Discovering the Pleasures of a Handmade Life by Jenna Woginrich. You can wonder on over to Amazon and find it HERE. You all know that I've been reading more & more on homesteading & living a more organic self sustaining lifestyle. Princess Bear (PB) loves looking through my issues of Countryside & Small Stock Journal and Hobby Farms magazine and telling me what kind of animals she wants when we finally have our own place. Jenna does an incredible job of detailing her life as an urban homesteader in Made from Scratch. She even details her mistakes so you can learn from them. I love that! I love when people are honest enough to say "yep, blew it on this one". I wish I got get my dad to read this book- then I might be able to talk him into getting a few chickens and a bee hive. My parents are completely scared of having a hive because of PB and think chickens are a disaster waiting to happen. Today (I think) PB and I are going to be making homemade butter as detailed in Made from Scratch. I've read other accounts on making homemade butter and have been curious but never enough to actually take that step. Well, I found a marble the other day when I was cleaning my room so it just seemed like a sign! I have to go to the health food store to get PB some vitamins so we'll buy some cream while we're there and make some butter today. If that goes well I'm sure you'll be reading about my bread making endeavors soon! Jenna also has a blog called Cold Antler Farm which you can find HERE. Its also on my blog list. If this kind of thing interests you check out my blog list next week as I've been scoping out some homesteading & urban homesteading blogs that I want to follow. I'll be adding them to my blog list next week sometime.

Well its PB's first day off school and we're going to do some errands, clean, take mommy to the Dr for her reoccurring sinus infection and then make butter. Does it sound like a fun day or what???? Actually first I have to peal the child off the ceiling because she overheard my sister & I talking about taking the kids to the Imagination Movers tour! Have a great weekend!

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Susan said...

We made butter for Thanksgiving dinner a couple years ago. Took forever, but it was really kinda cool. Once I added salt, it tasted just like the stuff you buy in the store. We just put the stuff in a heavy duty sealed container, and let the kids throw it around. Good luck!