Monday, January 24, 2011

Some days it just isn't worth chewing through the restraints!

OK- in our household we're in mourning. Yesterday was the NFC playoff between our beloved Chicago Bears & the Green Bay Packers. I know that those who read my blog aren't big NFL fans but you know I am so sorry for the post! The Bears vs Packers rivalry is an old deep rivalry. I HATE THE GREEN BAY PACKERS!!! Can't stand them! Yesterday was not a swell day in our household anyway since my mom felt the need to have a meltdown over the state of the basement when she went to do the laundry. Anyway we all settled down to watch the game. I was very sore because I did a few trips up & down the stairs. Anyway the living room couch and I were one yesterday for the game and Princess Bear (PB) didn't even ask to change the channels. She's liked watching football since she was an infant- I think it was the colors and action on the TV screen at that point but whatever works right??? :) Anyhoo- I was evidently a lot more worn out that I thought because I crashed HARD during the game. Now I'll be the first to admit that I'm usually the first one lining up for a Sunday afternoon nap but not while an important game is on! My mom called me & realized I was asleep & got very worried- that's how out of character it is for me. Anyway, during my nap was the portion of the game that Jay Cutler (Chicago's quarterback) was supposedly hurt. I remember seeing Collins play and thinking "what the heck" and then drifting back to sleep and waking up when Hanie was playing. Now Chicago is a team that is known for its quarterback issues. They're also known for not paying their athletes a lot and keeping coaches long after they should be kicked to the curb. Here are a few links for some of the "controversy" stirring around about Jay Cutlers injury.


Now I'm not Jay Cutler, a Dr or a trainer but I do know that if I hurt myself badly enough to pull out of whatever activity I'm in that I'm not going to be standing up on the sidelines. Just me but if I'm in pain my happy a#s is sitting down! Now you might be saying that its not fair that Cutler is catching all this flack for an alleged injury. Well the problem is that Cutler is a damn princess! Its actually the reason the Bears acquired him! We didn't get him because he was such a great QB- and G-d only knows the Bears really needed that! Now we got Cutler because the Bronco's had given up on him. The story is that Cutler supposedly got upset that the coach didn't say hello to him. Huh? What grade are you in? So we have a quarterback that is marginally better than what we had but not such a big deal that we should have been dancing in the streets which unfortunately happened to an extent because the Bears quarterback situation had been SO dismal. Now there is one more down side to this story- the Bears had a pretty good season overall so in all probability Lovie Smiths job is safe. NO NO NO!!!! If the Bears would have had a bad year I'm pretty sure Lovie would be out the door since there were rooms to that extent before the beginning of the season. Now I'm sure management is going to give him some more time. I really wish that the Chicago Bears management would do a few things: 1)actually spend a decent amount of money on some key players- most importantly a quarterback. (they should also get rid of Collins and put some time into Hanie because he showed some promise) 2) send Lovie Smith packing. Yes in the 7 seasons he's had 4 winning seasons but I just don't see him being a positive thing for the team anymore. Here is a breakdown of the Bears season record since Smith was hired:
2004 5W 11L
2005 11W 5L
2006 13W 3L
2007 7W 9L
2008 9W 7L
2009 7W 9L
2010 11W 5L

As you can see our really last great season was 2006 when we went to the Super Bowl against Indianapolis. We lost but since Indy's my backup team and Tony Dungy was the Colts coach at the time and is arguably one of the best coaches ever I can deal with the loss.

So have you had enough rambling about football for now? Sorry but its a big deal in my house as is baseball. Anyway I'll move on! Yesterday I noticed that 2 of the toes on the foot I hurt and twisted my ankle on were going numb. Ok- could be a problem. Also I'm still in a hot of pain even though the indicated that I should be feeling a lot better by now. So this morning I had an appointment with my Dr. He is considering an MRI at this point to see if there is any damage to the ligament at least more that just stretching it. He told me he wants me on crutches for 2 more weeks and then a cane. I also can't drive long distances and have to be very cautious because if I break too hard with my foot and could damage the ligament big time. Man- when I hurt myself I go all out! My mom isn't too happy and assured me that I still need to have my room done to her satisfaction by my surgery next month. All of this also means that when we go to Chicago for PB's appointment at Shriners tomorrow that I can't drive up there or back. My Dr. about had a fit when I mentioned driving to Chicago. So both of my parents are going up there. This is my dad's first time at Shriners so I'm kind of glad about that because he'll get a better idea of why I don't want any of PB's surgeries there. Tomorrows appointment isn't going to be too much of a big deal. PB is meeting with the Developmental Psychologist and Speech Path that have followed her since she was a few months old. Its a bit nerve wracking because the psychologist tried telling me before PB was even 3 years old that PB would never finish high school or achieve an real dependence for herself. Fortunately her opinion has changed. We might see the surgeon for just a minute but most likely he won't have time. I'm ok with that because his non committal attitude completely stresses me out. The only reason I want to see him is so we can discuss starting PBs orthodontic care. She's lost several teeth and our dentist told me that she might not have all of her adult teeth and that since her mouth is so crowded that might not be a bad thing. I'd really like for my baby to have all of her teeth and not have to spend years enduring dental work but it doesn't look like that one is in the cards.

The only other notable thing going on is that I got to see my nephews on Saturday when they came for dinner. Not seeing them for over a week is tough at this point! When they got here my brother in law gave me the baby and a bottle so I could do some bonding with him. That baby is so happy its just not even funny! Then my oldest nephew got really worried when he saw my foot and got out PB's stethoscope and "listened" to my ankle. The kid is so cute and too smart. He was so excited to see dessert with whipped cream on it. My dad gave it to him and his response was this awesome "Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" He only ate the whipped cream and was pretty upset he couldn't score more. I don't know why not! Such mean parents!!! Just kidding so that has been my life in the past few days. I'll hopefully post about PB's Shriners visit on Wednesday.

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