Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fear sucks

I took Princess Bear (PB) to the Dr yesterday. Something has been just "off" for about a week. She'd been complaining of headaches and her legs hurting. She's always bruised easily and the Dr has just said its her body. Well yesterday he wasn't too worried about her headaches but was worried about her bruising and pain. He ordered a TON of bloodwork. PB is absolutely terrified of needles and I can't say that I blame her considering all that she's been through. Some of the things the Dr. ordered where a CBC with diff, metabolic rate, sedementation rate, protime, epstein barr virus, and monospot amoung others. He was basically checking everything he could and checking clotting rates in addition. To say that I've been a mess for the last 24 hours is a mild understatement. I've been walking around with tears in my eyes. The Dr's office finally called back- everything is fine except for the fact that she's dehydrated. I've got a water bottle at school for her but I'm willing to bet the teacher hasn't been using it so I've got to talk to her. Other than that I'm going to be pushing lots of water! I'm so happy & relieved I feel like I could cry! Thank G-d my baby is ok!


Jen on the Edge said...

I'm so sorry you've had such a scare. Thank goodness it's not something more serious than dehydration. Keep pushing those fluids!

Susan said...

I'm glad that it's actually so simple. Most people are dehydrated, but don't know it. Hopefully the school will get off their butts and let her have the water, though. Like the kiddo doesn't have enough strikes against her!

Sarah said...

I'm so relieved its not even funny! PB is loving it because she gets 2 glasses of Kool Aid when she gets home from school- this is a BIG treat. Her usual options are water, milk and juice cut with water. I'm such a mean mommy! The teacher & I had a big talk. In addition to her needing the fluids because she can't control her body temp she also has one kidney that doesn't empty properly (this whole dehydration thing may have caused even more damage to that) and these issues don't go away just when it isn't hot. I'm just still so glad it isn't worse!