Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ok- its just getting scary

Ok- this is going to be a political rant so please be forwarned! For anyone who reads my blog there are a couple of things I'll put out there before I start this rant and leave it up to you if you want to read on. I'm just posting this because if nothing else it is a way for me to work through things.
-I used to be very liberal thinking in my politics and am now very conservative
-I think Barak Obama is a HUGE mistake for this country. I cannot stand the man or most of the things he stands for.
-I love Glenn Beck. This does not mean I believe everything he says because I don't. That said I do believe and share many of the same thoughts he does. The thing I really love about Glenn Beck is that he never wants people to just take them at his word. He tells you where he read or found "X" fact and lets you decide for yourself. I personally think he's one of the most honest people in the media and doesn't treat people like an idiot- thank you very much Mr. Beck!

Now on for todays rant. We all know what happened in AZ over the weekend and anyone who wants to rub 2 brain cells together knows its an awful thing. NO ONE should ever lose their life or become endangered because of someone else beliefs, sane or not. It is truly the definition of tragedy. Now the part that I have a HUGE problem with is the media and some politicians and authorities trying to blame this act of atrocity on those who want to see America going back to its roots. Less big government. The tea party being accused of being violent just boggles the mind. Also the idiots spouting this are probably the same people that are whole heartedly Obama supporters. You know the same guy who says things like "If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun" For the entire quote you can go HERE or google it. (nothing like bringing football fans into Obama- another irk especially since I think the Eagles are a low down backstabbing organization for the way they treated McNabb but thats another post right?) Know isn't it grand that we have a President that is so young and hip that he wants to quote The Untouchables? Wow President Obama you're so cool! Unfortunately there really are those who think he's a man of the people because he can relate to them. They like the same movies,music etc. (Yeah did anyone hear about Obama liking NAS and admitting his daughters turned him on to NAS. What are your kids doing listening to him? Apparently its ok for NAS to say nigger but not for that word to appear in Mark Twain writings so Twain is going to be edited. Again another post right?) One of the big people that were blaming the conservative media and tea party movement was the Tucson sheriff. He used a tragedy to deal with topics that a)had no bearing or proof to back it up and b)a platform for the illegial alien dispute. Frankly if the Tea Party movement was a violent movement I think someone would have made sure that idiotic bastard pay through the nose for such ludicrous statements. I can't stand that when someone or a group doesn't agree with the popular opinion that they are the first to be strung up and always portrayed as violent with absolutely no basis. So that is my rant today.


Susan said...

What ever happened to being responsible for your own actions? The kid that did this, and yes, he's pretty much just a kid, is a psycho. He's got mental issues. Anybody that just walks into an area where there are people and starts shooting equals nut job to me. They blame everybody and everything except the person that actually pulled the trigger. Want to blame somebody for this? Blame all the people that didn't listen to his classmates before he got kicked out of college. Blame the people that said he was off and they were afraid of him, and did NOTHING about it. But most of all, blame the guy for picking up a gun and thinking that that action would do anything besides kill people.

Sarah said...

Oh I completely think this guy is completely responsible for his actions. I'm so glad that the legal defense of insane won't apply in this case. I just HATE that within hours the media was throwing the blame to the conservative media outlets & Tea Party. I have a huge issue with that. Actually I'm more and more scared by the state of this country.