Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another day another Dr's visit

Well, we're now at more than a week since Princess Bear (PB) got sick. The coughing has gotten absolutely horrid so I called to make an appointment for today. We couldn't get into her pediatrician but a nurse practitioner instead. The good news is that PB's ear infection is completely cleared up! Then such as the life with PB you take one step forward and 3 steps back. She officially has been diagnosed with allergic constrictive airways. Now since I'm severely asthmatic & the idiots other kids have asthma this shouldn't be a surprise. Just one of those "Dang I was really hoping we didn't have to deal with this". Oh well, can't win them all right? I also found out that the possible reason PB has been such a devil child is a reaction to the albuterol. Know I feel like the worlds worst mommy since I was being all you have a time out and it wasn't really her fault. They've switched to a different neubulizer treatment and daily pulmicort so hopefully PB will stop sounding like she wants to be a living lung donor (without the use of anesthesia or a hospital) Is it awful that I'm totally ready for my child to go back to school? I really want (actually its probably crossed to a need at this point) some downtime. I love PB with all my heart but I also know that she's a bit more spoiled and a way lot less disciplined that she should be. I also know that this is all my doing. Unfortunately its that guilt complex of having a special needs child. Unfortunately its biting us in the butt and I'm working my tail off to have things turn around. That said I also do my very best to get all errands done while PB is in school. Its just so much easier and saves the bit of sanity that I have left. I still need to buy things to complete Mothers Day projects and I need some Mothers Day cards. I feel a midnight trip to Wally World coming on...anyone want to join me?

Other than that things were low key today. I got the notification of the rescheduled IEP meeting for PB. Its set for the 19th. I'm having a hard enough time with my baby turning 5 soon. Then add the whole kindergarten factor to it and I'm ready to lock the kid in the closet and tell her to stop growing up. PB started special ed when she was 3 so she's been in school for two years now. The first year was just 1/2 days but this year was all day. The idea of kindergarten shouldn't be so daunting but it is! Then you can add the fact that PB has been slated for a nontraditional segregated classroom. Basically its a kindergarten room with two teachers; one "normal" teacher and one "special ed" teacher. The feeling is that she's made so much progress that this is the best move for her. I'm worried that she's going to get lost in all the confusion. I won't say for a moment that PB has made a huge amount of progress. At times its almost miraculous if I sit back and think about it. This child was basically non-verbal when she started in August 2006 (she had approximately a dozen words under her belt). At her last Easter Seals eval she had a vocab of over 250 words. The kid sings now, plays with dolls and has a huge amount of compassion and empathy for her friends. Its so neat to watch her grow. I just hope that this new classroom is the best for her.

Now I'm going to sign off and start working on my Mothers Day gift for my mom. While watching my tape of Criminal Minds of course. My mom and I didn't have the almost weekly debate of how Criminal Minds is such an irresponsible show because they show things in too much detail and give people ideas. UGH! If you're that sick you probably aren't at home checking CBS for ideas! Just my take!

HM Sarah Siggy

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Heather said...

I'm asthmatic too, and I find that since we got rid of almost all carpet in the house, and put in wood floors, I've been doing much better. The polyurethane smell right now isn't doing me any favors though.

Hope PB is feeling better soon.

We're home, so I'll be posting again. Good to be back!