Friday, May 16, 2008


Hey there! Sorry its been a crazy week and quite frankly I'm in a bit of a funk and not too motivated so I haven't felt like writing. I've been doing a lot of cleaning, spending lots of time with Princess Bear (PB) and generally just muddling through.

PB is truly trying to see how quickly she can turn me gray!!! Now I must preface this story with the fact that swearing has always been "accepted" in my household. My sister and I could swear like sailors thanks to our mom by the time we started grade school. We were also warned that if we used those words around other kids their moms wouldn't let us come play with them. Ok no biggie. Well, I've tried to not expose PB to much swearing but I occassionally slip up and then there is my parents...they try but it just doesn't happen. Anyway, PB and I were on the way through the garage to the car this morning so I could take her to school. PB stumbled on the same step that I took my bad fall on a few months ago. Without thinking PB lets out a "Damn It!" and keeps on going and a second later that is followed up by "Crap!". Now I can see the humor in this especially having seen my darling daughter actually perform this darling little "skit" of life. Then there is the side of me that is panicking because at four she understandly has no filter and will eventually let one of these loose in school. Just shoot me now please!

Other notables...ok either the wishes to the g-ds at CBS or the alternative voodoo dolls worked....the Unit has been renewed for the fall!!!!!!!! WOOHOO! More Max Martini please!!! Now I'm slightly bummed b/c its on Sunday nights but short of football season I can adapt. Most definitely doing the happy dance. I love the show as a whole and I really love me some Max Martini!!! :) Now as I just mentioned Sunday night football for those who don't know it I'm a HUGE NFL fan. I'm a die hard Chicago Bears fan and please don't ever try to contact me on a Sunday. Its Church, breakfast with the family and we go right into the Fox pregame show (I also love Howie Long). Anyway, after the Bears had such an incredible season a couple of years ago things have been a very rapid descent into disappointment. I thought that the draft might hold some good options for us but I'm truly beginning to think that Lovie Smith has taken leave of all of his good senses. Top that to the fact that Urlacher is holding out for more money and we're over 3 months away from preseason and things are already looking daughter might learn some new swear words!

I'm gearing up for PB's birthday party. We're doing a Strawberry Shortcake theme. One of the yahoo groups I'm in has a person that loves doing graphics and she did some invitations, tic tac toe boards, party hats and sucker cards for me. SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! Now the real planning has to start. Now I have a BS in Recreation, Park and Tourism Admin and worked as a Special Events coordinator for several years. Since I don't get to do that anymore I tend to go all out for PB birthday and Christmas. Now I need to figure out some SSC themed games and food.

PB also had her first dentist visit yesterday. She handled it like a champ! I was so proud of her! She was so excited about it...she was grinning as I walked her into school this morning saying "I'm going to show the kids my teeth!" The kid really is cute (now if I could just forget our trip to Target this evening it'd be a wonderful day!)

Well that would be the update here. I'm still worried about PB's IEP meeting on Monday. I'm so not ready for my baby to start kindergarten. My dad is also going to attempt to go to my therapist appointment this week. I'm trying not to expect too much but I figure its a step in the right directions!

Well I'm off... more cleaning, more reading...maybe sleep?

P.S. Want a nice quick inspirational read? Check out "A Dozen Ways to Sunday" by Montel Williams! I love that man & am so bummed that his show is done :(
HM Sarah Siggy

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Heather said...

It's very difficult to not laugh when your precious little baby lets a "Damn it!" slip. 2-year-old Bee did this once in the car when she dropped her cookie on the floor, and I almost gave myself a hemmorage trying to keep a straight face, so as not to encourage her.

Have a great week!