Friday, May 9, 2008

Ever had one of those "What exactly am I doing moments"? Feel free to join in!

Ok so my hair is something I alternatively love and hate depending on my mood. I have relatively short (inverted bob w/ the longest part being chin length) hair. Its a auburn brown color. That one I didn't even know until I quit highlighting it a few years ago. My hair gotta mega red highlights somewhere along the line. Anyway, I digress I've got this flaky scalp thing going on (TMI?) which I've been trying everything under the sun to fix. The only thing that seems to work was an all natural custom made shampoo. It was awesome and now I want to dabble in making my own. I went to the natural food store and got some herbs last week. Unfortunately this oh so wonderful city I live in was lacking some of the supplies I need. I've been using Dr. Bronners and a tea tree shampoo bar to wash my hair. Still flaky....ICK!!!!! So I started researching natural remedies. Lots of them out there. One of the things I kept on noticing repeatedly was olive oil and honey. Sure why not? So at 12:20am I'm in my kitchen mixing this concoction. As I'm city here typing this I've got olive oil and honey wrapped on to my scalp and hair, wrapped in saran wrap and covered with a towel (that I warmed in the oven...a hazard perhaps?!!?). I'm sure I'm quite the sight! Don't ask me if it worked because I don't know yet! Turn in tomorrow!

HM Sarah Siggy


Susan said...

Too bad, I'm gonna ask you anyway. Did it turn out? TELL ME! LOL

sweetyetsassysarah said...

Actually it went fairly well! I wouldn't say it was a 100% but an improvement to be sure! I would recommend a shirt that you don't like since the oily glob is likely to fall on you! I'll probably try a few others and report back on those remedies. Oh, washing this out was no problem. I used my Giovanni shampoo (awesome organic stuff available at Walgreens...the Tea Tree Treat gives you big tinglies!) and lather rinse repeat and no slimy hair!

Susan said...

I love olive oil. I've never had a problem getting it out of my hair.