Friday, May 23, 2008

Princess Bear's Tiger Prize

Ok...this is going to be very quick....basically just a picture share! I'll try to post more soon! Remember when I wrote about Princess Bear (PB) going to the dentist last week? When we were leaving they asked me to sign PB up for the Tiger Drawing (A mommy & 2 cubs). Not thinking too much of it I signed her up and we went on our merry little way. Well we got a call a few days ago that Princess Bear indeed won the Tiger Family so we went to pick them up today. The staff gave her an adoption certificate and took her was so cute! Of course PB had to take the Tigers to share with her friends at school. The Mommy tigers is HUGE and it was pouring today (as in streets flooding!). Here are a few pics of PB and Tabby, Tigger and Toby.




This is PB in her car seat holding the tigers (Yes there really is a child in this picture!!!

Well, I'm going to attempt to get PB to take a nap because we have to babysit my nephew tonight.



Susan said...

Love it! All you can really see in that last pic is a hand. She looks so freaking happy. That momma is as big as she is. She's adorable, Sarah.

Sarah said...

LOL....yep a hand and some yellow pants! You should have seen her trucking all of this AND a backpack into school this morning!!! She is pretty darn cute!

Anonymous said...

I can picture it.. in spades. She is WAY too much like her mommy, isn't she.. *laughs*