Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Such a busy little bee!

Well, school is wrapping up for Princess Bear (PB) in just a few days (tomorrow is the last full day and then she has 1 hour on Friday). I met with PB's occupational therapist this morning to go over PB's summer home program. Her OT is the most amazing woman ever and has been such a help to PB in the last 2 years. She is such a wealth of information. Marty (the OT) knows my plan is to homeschool PB this summer so instead of just a sheet of suggestions I came home with a packet and some materials to use over the summer! I've also been getting files ready. I have worksheets coming out my ears and I'm not done yet.

We've also had some problems with PB's sensory "issues" lately. Especially in public (big surprise if you know anything about sensory integration disorder). Marty is going to do a full sensory profile on PB next fall but gave me lots of ideas on how to work through things until then.

Other than that I'm still working on the house. I cleaned up about 1/2 my area of the basement yesterday. UGH! So much "stuff"! I have a few boxes of fabric & two sewing machines. My sister and I are planning on taking some classes this summer as neither one of us knows the first thing about sewing! I just want to learn so I can make PB some incredible outfits (think ebay without spending a fortune!). I also started reading the Hollow last night. It is the 2nd in a Nora Roberts trilogy. Nora Roberts is most definitely in my top 5 of favorite "trash" authors to read. I'm beginning to realize how much I need to work on patience. The 3rd book in the trilogy doesn't come out until December. UGH! I want it now!!!! I really should wait until the books are all on the shelves instead of torturing myself!

Oh...I don't know if I've mentioned my daughters favorite activity...she renames things from her favorite show (which is Caillou). I thought it was just for our cat whose name is Fluffy (Yes unoriginal but it works!). Since Caillou came full blast into our lives my poor cat has been going through an identity crisis because PB insists on calling him Gilbert (the name of Caillou's cat). Well, she has a favorite teacher at school and I just thought his name is Mr. Hinkle (He isn't one of her teachers but he does visit the classroom). As we were watching Caillou yesterday I realized with a start that there is a Mr. Hinkle in there. Yep....PB strikes again! The teachers name is really Mr. Anton but PB has renamed him! Such a precocious little girl! Needless to say she keeps me on my toes!

HM Sarah Siggy

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