Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Man...I am not a day person!

Well to say that it hit the fan here over the weekend would be putting things mildly!!! My parents went on a kick about our bedrooms and decimated Princess Bears (PB) room. As in 7 garbage bags donated to the Women's Pregnancy Center and 3 bags of garbage (I'm talking the big green lawn bags too!). Kiernan is still refusing to let my mom in her room! Kind of funny if you think about it!!! On the plus side of things its really nice to be able to clean PB's room is 0.5 seconds. The downside is that we were forced to give away some things that we really didn't want to and my mom totally flips if anything is out of place. Kind of difficult when you have a very active 4 year old running amouk! I'm making progress in the basement and my room.

Other than that things are very low key here. I'm seriously bummed that Jason Taylor didn't win DWTS and now the Miami Dolphins are giving him a very hard time. Not cool.

The happy news for the day is that PB is a very happy camper. When she went to the dentist last week we registered her for a mom and 2 baby stuffed tiger collection. The office called this morning to say that Kiernan won. They want to take her pictures with the tigers and post them in the office. I'm taking her on friday since its playday outside at school and she can't attend. I'll try to post a picture. We also had her IEP...more on that later!

HM Sarah Siggy

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Susan said...

Wow, that's a lot of stuff. Cool for the animals. I want some!!! I'm really interested to hear what you and the school have planned for that little peanut. Breathe Sarah, it'll work out.