Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cubs Win! Cubs Win! it isn't a really big deal except for the fact that they SWEPT the Dodgers! WOOHOO!!! This makes me very happy for oh so many reasons. Some ok and rational reasons and others slightly more immature but fun nonetheless! First of all you must realize that my dad is quite possibly the worlds biggest Cubs fan. Growing up in my house you watched the Cubs for baseball, the Bears (or Da Bears!) for football and the Bulls for basketball. Why? Well when both of your parents are Chicagoans its just the way it goes! I remember Princess Bear being a little one (around a year) and my dad propping her on his knee and him explaining the game play by play to her. It really isn't a choice in this house! Now I will admit on here (although never to my father) that I rarely watch a Cubs game through and through anymore. I just can't do it for some reason. I flip back and forth and tune in when things are particularly good or bad (because that's what we do as Cubs Fans!). In all honestly my game to watch is football...more action...maybe its the ADHD in me (just kidding!). Now if you take me to Wrigley its a whole different story. I LOVE watching a live game. Honestly there is nothing like hearing the crack of the bat! There is also something completely magical about Wrigley Field. Please don't scoff. Its true. Now to feel this maybe you need to be a Chicago (city) fan at heart as a well as a Cubs fan but there is no other Stadium like it. The Ivy covered walls....the aforementioned crack of the bat. I do love going to a game. Princess Bear as part of her wardrobe always has at least one Cubs shirt (in the pink and white girls motif) and then a couple of traditional Bears items (the cheerleading outfit is a must!) Here are a few pics from the football season 2 years ago.





(Sorry...tried to do this as a slide show but there was a problem w/ the HTML)

Now on to why I'm so darn happy about the Cubs sweeping the Dodgers? I hate the Dodgers. Do I have a good reason for this? Nope! Not at all! They are my ex fiancees favorite team...thats it. As I said not rational or mature but fun! There is some (little) bit of satisfaction knowing that he has been home swearing at the TV as my beloved Cubbies sweep their butts! Especially since last nights game was a pull it out of the air how lucky are we kind of win! I hate most things about California and personally want the whole darn state to fall into the ocean (after my cousin gets out first!). This is just one more thing to smile about!

This morning I had Princess Bear singing GO Cubs go! on the way to school (while wearing her pink & white Cubs windbreaker!). It was so cute! I'll have to try to get video of it! Here is the "official" 2008 version

and here is a great video of Wrigley and Chicago.

Man do I love that city! I miss it something fierce! The shopping, the restaurants, the shopping, the art, the tattoo shops, the shopping. There is always something to do there! Did I mention the shopping?

Well, know that you've been taken hostage by my love for Chicago, sports and my dislike of all things California I'll release you to go on your merry little way!

HM Sarah Siggy


Susan said...

Hey, I was born in California! My dad always pulled for the Padres just to piss with my mom. LOL

Sarah said...

Well, thankfully you LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!! :) It just makes me ex was so a California boy and g-d forbid he leave the darn place. Freakin' idiot!!!!

Heather said...

Sarah, your little girl is so cute with her pigtails, and big brown eyes! What a little sweetie pie.