Saturday, June 14, 2008 anyone reading?!!!?

OK...just had to ask! I'm running 2 contests and have only had comments left for one! I'm even offering referral entries if you post on your blog!!! But really enough of that! How about some random rumblings?!!?

I'm STILL glued to the TV watching tributes about Tim Russert. What a sad sad thing. I loved watching Meet the Press. He was a no holds barred kind of guy but he did it with such integrity. Something that is sorely lacking overall in this world. If you've watched any of the tributes about him it seems that he was such an honorable man; a true family man with strong religious convictions. Am I silly to be saddened by his death?

Lets move along here...Fathers Day. What to do what to do?!!? I'm behind broke right now so it must be free and creative and at this point quick. Princess Bear (PB) and I have to do something for my dad (or Dzadza as PB calls him...polish for grandfather). Any ideas?!!!? Please lay them on me!!! lol The only thing my dad asked for is for me to fix PB's inflatable trampoline so I can get it out of the garage! I'm working on it...really! I also need to set up the pool.

Frankly for whatever reason I'm having a hard time with Fathers Day this year. Perhaps because I'm butting heads with my dad so much lately. Perhaps as PB gets older and older she's realizing the lack of a father in her life. I'm forever grateful for the roles that my dad and brother in law play in her life and she adores both of them but its not the same; its not a dad. Before I had PB I was one of those women that believed in single if I only knew then what I know now!

On a bit of a change my parents are in Chicago for a wedding this weekend. Its always nice but a bit trying when PB and I are on our own. A bit more freedom which is lovely. PB just doesn't always do well with a change in routine. She had swim lessons this morning and then we've just done whatever we felt like! Some of that included gutting my room...ugh! Hopefully the end is in site! I did fill another HUGE lawn size garbage bag today. A few more of those and a few more to donate and I should be good to go!

Oh! I've decided to share some of my favorite things with y'all in hopes that you'll share some of yours with me! So here we go!

-I don't know if its a favorite yet but I'm so excited it finally got here! Just what am I referring to? Lipfusion XL Ok...I'm obsessed with getting a plumper pout! I admit it!!! I'll let you know how it works!

-Cherry Oatmeal bake...yum yum! A relatively easy fast (ok..takes 30-40 min to bake but prep time is EASY!) Love easy breakfasts! I'm so bad about actually eating breakfast but want to lose weight and know that breakfast and fiber are both key in that!

-Joanne Fluke. She's an author. Fun! Not smutty (although I like that at times as well!). and she has lots of yummy recipes in each book! Also funny!

-Janet Evanovich. Another author. Beyond funny and a bit of gratuitous sex but not over the top. She is absolutely laugh out loud funny. Not just a bit but LOTS! My sister gave me books 3-12 in the Stephanie Plum series which I managed to read in a week and a half. PB would look at me asking what was so funny. LOVE IT! If you have a dead body in your trunk with its legs sticking out make sure you tie a flag to it so no one gets too close!

OK...just a few to start! I'm off to do more cleaning and make up a batch of homemade laundry detergent! Have a good one!

HM Sarah Siggy


Anonymous said...

In our family, the grandfathers love it when we take photos of them with the grandkids. Even better: If one or both of the girls paint a picture frame to go with it.

My favorite things right now: fresh blueberries, Organic Gardening magazine, my mary jane ballet slipper Crocs (so comfy), and some wonderful red wool I'm knitting into a rib-knit scarf.

Sarah said...

Oh! Good idea! We have lots of pics!!! Gotta get Princess Bear to work! I have the regular croc Mary Janes and LOVE them! I just ordered a minnie mouse pair! I have tried the ballet slipper ones yet though! I wanted to get my dad Cubs Crocs for Fathers go...says he wouldn't wear them!

Susan said...

I hope that Father's Day went okay for you. In all honesty, Sarah, most of the father issues are more in the mom's head, than a reality. I always felt bad Megan didn't have her dad. She told me last week that she never really noticed, nor did she care. (hugs)

Favorite things, hmmmm. Flannel sheets (even in summer), Netflix (mail AND movies!), coffee, good friends.

sweetyetsassysarah said...

Hey Suz! It was ok until my mom went on an all out about kicking us out. I've been trying really hard around the house too but just time to kick it up a notch! Thanks for the input about Megan. I hope that Kiernan feels that way. She's starting to kind of ask about Daddy's in general and it just kills me!